Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

Five on Friday - August 12, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!  This has been a whirlwind week for me with activities every night and full days at work.  To add to my normal happenings, there's the Olympics.  Just can't turn them off and go to bed!  I'm looking forward to the weekend!!  Eric is off work and we have some cool activities in the works.  

Here's the five for this week ~

1.  National Vinyl Record Day
These babies are making a comeback!  Do you have any vinyl records you spin in your house?  Guess what the highest selling vinyl record is for 2016 - it's Blackstar by David Bowie.  I have so many fun memories of playing records while I was growing up.  Makes me happy that their comeback is on.

National Vinyl Record Day August 12

2.  Ink
One of my coworkers turned me on to the coolest new app this week ~ Ink.  This app allows you to design your own card (with one of your pictures if you like), write a personal note and then Ink will take care of printing and sending your creative in the mail to the recipient.  How cool is that?!? Personalized cards without running out to the store or having to go to the post office for a stamp.   I love the concept and am excited to do a little designing soon.  

3.  Florence Foster Jenkins
I'm adding this movie that opens today to my list of want to see movies because of the cast alone.  Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant are two of my favorites.  This is the movie about a wealthy New York heiress that is attempting to become an opera singer - but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that she can't sing!  Critics are giving Meryl Streep high marks.  Looks like a fun movie!

My Target Beauty Box arrived a few days ago and a sample of the Acure facial cleansing gel was included.  Love it!  The smell really wakes me up in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth.  It only takes a small dab to cleanse your entire face.  Where has this stuff been all my life?!?  Click HERE to get some of your own.

5.  Something to remember....

Have a great weekend!  Eric and I are going to a wedding reception tonight and to see Paul McCartney tomorrow night - I'm so excited!!  I'm going to squeeze in a bridal shower in between.  Hope you have fun things planned too.  See you back on Monday!

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  1. Love the new app you've showcased for us. What a great idea!

    Have a blast at the McCartny show, should be a fantastic show! :)