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Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekending - August 10, 2018

Welcome to Monday friends!  I'm facing the day a wee bit tired from the exciting day we had yesterday.  It's going to be a busy one, but let's rewind and talk about what we've been up to the last couple days.

Friday night we were supposed to see Meet Me in St. Louis at our outdoor theater, The Muny.  Afternoon rains, chance of rain in the evening and a dinner invitation from our son and daughter-in-law changed our plans by the end of the day.  We bailed on the show and went to dinner instead.  Ian (our son) and Kayla (our daughter-in-law) just moved into their new house so we were anxious to hear where they were in their moving process.  Dinner with them definitely won over going to the theater!

Saturday we got up early and went for a long walk at a nearby park.  Eric and I have been trying to walk more and drop a few pounds.  We got a little off track when we went on vacation and we're making the effort to get back in the exercise groove.  I'll say this -- putting on weight is sure a lot more fun than trying to take it off!

After our walk and running some errands, we headed over to Ian and Kayla's for a dip in the pool and dinner.  They made a fantastic steak dinner for us!  It was such a great day hanging out with them.  Their new house is closer to us and I suspect we are going to be able to spend so much more time with them.  I'm so darn excited about that!!

Sunday was a day Eric had been looking forward to for, oh, probably two years.  Literally, two years.  We went to the 100th Annual PGA Championship!  Guys, it was a stellar day.  We woke up at 4:30 am so we could get ready and be there when the gates opened.  

Even at the early hour of 7:00 am, there was a steady stream of people flowing into Bellerive to see the top golfers do their thing.  We headed to the first tee box to hear them announce the players and watch as the first groupings headed out on the course.

The course was beautiful and St. Louis really showed the world what a wonderful golf town we are.  The galleries were loaded with enthusiastic spectators.  We had a great view of the practice tees and were able to get pretty close to the action.  

We popped in the merchandise tent and was shocked at the number of people shopping!  Of course we blended right in so we could snag our PGA swag.


It was a great experience and I feel so lucky that we got to go to the championship round.  We had no problem getting in our exercise steps for the day!

Congrats to the winner Brooks Koepka.   His score of  -16 just earned him $1.98 million.  Not too shabby!

Have a great week!  I'll be back on Wednesday for the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.  Pop in and check it out!

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Five on Friday - August 10, 2018

Happy Friday!  It's hard to believe that it's been a week since I was saying goodbye to the ocean.  I sure hope the weekend does fly by as fast as the week has!

Let me show you my five for this week ~

1.  National S'mores Day
Break out the fire pit and whip up some s'mores because today is National S'mores Day.  We've tried a couple versions of this tasty treat recently by switching out the chocolate bar for peanut butter cups or Ghirardelli dark chocolate raspberry squares.  Makes for a nice little twist from the traditional way.  Fun fact: The first recorded version of the s'more recipe can be found in the 1927 publication of Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

National S'mores Day August 10

2.  Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes
I know the temps are still in the 90s for most of us and fall seems weeks away, but get ready - the pumpkin spice items are starting to hit the shelves.  Some have spotted the new Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes at Target stores.  This Kellogg cereal is covered in pumpkin spice frosting.  YUM!  I will definitely be on the lookout for a box of this goodness.

Do you have a Starbucks lover in your life?  Bet they would love their very own personalized Starbucks travel cup!  This would be a great gift for your kiddos new teacher, coworkers or bridesmaids.  I have a few people in mind to gift one to, don't you?  Click HERE to purchase.

Personalized Name Starbucks Cup. 16 oz Reusable Travel Cup. Glossy or Glittered Vinyl!

This is a repeat item on Five on Friday, but I've had so many people see mine on my desk at work and ask me where I got it that I thought it deserved another mention.  This little baby is amazing!  For under $10 ($8.99 to be exact), it is the perfect holder for your cell phone or tablet.  It holds my cell phone at an angle that makes it easy to view and I don't loose it on my desk.  I love it so much that I even pack it up and take it with me when I'm working in other locations.  You need one?  Click HERE!

5.  I'm not a runner.....

No automatic alt text available.

Have a great weekend!  We have our last Muny performance of the season tonight.  Tomorrow we're having dinner with Ian and Kayla.  Then on Sunday we're going to the PGA Golf Tournament that's being held here in St. Louis.  Eric is so excited about that!!  Fun times ahead.  Pop in on Monday to get the summary.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Friday Favorites - August 10, 2018

Hey there!  Friday came quick this week for me - how about for you?  Hope you have a nice weekend planned with some time set aside to check out all the great link ups today!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - August 9, 2018

Hello Thinking Out Loud Thursday followers!  It seems like I was just finalizing my weekending post and we are already at Thursday this week!  Time needs to slow down a bit because I've got more things to do than I have minutes in the day.

Today I'm thinking out loud about a book I read over vacation.  Confession:  I am a very slow reader.  I recently read someone else's blog and she said she read a book a day on vacation.  For me to do that I would literally have to get up before the sun and read into the wee hours of the next morning to complete a book.  So when I tell you that I finished the book I'm about to share with you in a day and a half, you know it must be great for me to plow through it that quick.

Have you read Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by Rachel Hollis?  It's been all over blogland since it hit the stands in February.  For whatever reason, it kept getting pushed down on my to-read list.  I decided before we left for Cancun that it was going to move to the top of the list and it would be read before we returned home.

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be by [Hollis, Rachel]
Available HERE
The author, Rachel Hollis, is the gal behind  This is not her first book, but it is the first of her books that I have read.  Rachel seems to be one of those people that I would love to be friends with.  A girls night out with her would have to be fun!

Here's the GoodReads summary:
With wry wit and hard-earned wisdom, popular online personality and founder of founder Rachel Hollis helps readers break free from the lies keeping them from the joy-filled and exuberant life they are meant to have.
Founder of the lifestyle website and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.
Each chapter of Girl, Wash Your Face begins with a specific lie Hollis once believed that left her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, or ready to give up. As a working mother, a former foster parent, and a woman who has dealt with insecurities about her body and relationships, she speaks with the insight and kindness of a BFF, helping women unpack the limiting mind-sets that destroy their self-confidence and keep them from moving forward.
From her temporary obsession with marrying Matt Damon to a daydream involving hypnotic iguanas to her son's request that she buy a necklace to "be like the other moms," Hollis holds nothing back. With unflinching faith and tenacity, Hollis spurs other women to live with passion and hustle and to awaken their slumbering goals.
Several of Rachel's quotes resonated with me.  I also firmly believe that the book would mean different things to me at different stages of my life.  In my current stage of life, I found most of it motivating and inspirational.



Rachel shares a philosophy that I firmly believe, "You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.".  Life is going to throw some stuff at you that is going to be hard.  You're going to have to figure out a way through it and only you can figure out things along the way that will help you manage the hard stuff and bring you joy. 

Another quote from the book that I absolutely loved was, "The precious life you've been given is like a ship navigating its way across the ocean, and you're meant to be the captain of the vessel."  How many people do you know that sit back and let life happen to them?  Take control of your life!  You have the power to steer the direction you are headed.

This book definitely made me want to sit up and pay attention to my life.  Sometimes a book like this is just what we need to give us that kick in the butt to get recharged again.  That's what Girl, Wash Your Face did for me!  If you're needing that little kick, click HERE to purchase your copy and get started reading it today!

Now it's your turn - what are you thinking out loud about today?  Link up and share!

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Weekending - August 3, 2018

It's back to work on this Monday for me and Eric.  With vacation behind us, we are ready to move into the work week feeling a bit more relaxed.  I'm actually pretty excited to get into work today and grind through my emails that have been sitting waiting for my return.  But let's rewind and talk about the weekend!

Friday was the day we traveled back to the US from Cancun.  We had a smooth flight out of Mexico to our layover location of Ft. Lauderdale.  From there, we headed home to St. Louis.  Leaving was a bit sad.  We both could have spent a few more days in paradise.  I would be lying if the thought of selling everything and moving to the ocean didn't cross my mind about a million times last week!  With views like this, who could blame me!

The alarm went off bright and early on Saturday morning.  We got ready, hopped in the car and headed to my home town of New Florence, Missouri to enjoy the annual Old Settler's Picnic.  I have some friends who work all year to make sure this family-friendly event goes off without a hitch and once again, they did a fantastic job!  There's a parade, cake walk, bingo, games for the kids -- just great fun for the whole family.  Speaking of cake walk - I was lucky enough to be standing on the number picked and won this delicious German chocolate cake!

It's just a wonderful place to see friends and catch up. My dad and his friend Gordon have been buddies for 65 years, now living hundreds of miles apart. Gordon and his wife, Sue, visit Missouri every year to come to the picnic. It's so cool that he comes back to support his home town.

Best of all is the fish sandwiches from the Men's Lions Club food stand. My dad has been frying fish in the food stand for as long as I can remember.  This year they were as good as ever and I'm already looking forward to getting one next year.

Always a hit with the little ones is the corn pit. It's literally a sand box type structure filled with corn kernels.  Genius for the kids to play in!  

I happened to catch this rare moment when my three youngest nephews and niece were sitting still with my mom.  They were watching the greased pig contest and were studying the event pretty intensely.  It won't be long before they are part of the action!

We headed home in the afternoon to visit Ian and Kayla.  It was Kayla's birthday and they were celebrating moving into their first home!  We are so proud of them for working so hard to get the house.  It's gorgeous and I'm sure we will have tons of memories there.

Our grand cat, Albus, seems to have adjusted pretty well to his new home too.  

On Sunday, we slept in a bit and then got up to the realization that it was our last day of vacation and we would be heading to work on Monday.  The washing machine got a work out and I finally took down the Fourth of July month of July decorations.

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!  I'm going to try to do a post about our vacation and a book review.  See you soon!

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Five on Friday - August 3, 2018

Sorry to see Friday come this week!  Our Cancun vacation is coming to an end and we will be headed back home today.  I did manage to pull together my five for today.  Here it is ~

1.  National Watermelon Day
Love watermelon?  If so, today's the day to slice into one of those juicy green balls and have slice to celebrate National Watermelon Day!  Fun fact - the Guinness Book of World Records has the heaviest watermelon weighing in at 262 pounds!  Now that's a lot of melon!  I love to eat my melon with a little salt on it.  What's your favorite way?

National Watermelon Day August 3
2.  The Spy Who Dumped Me
Looking forward to seeing this comedy!  Here's the summary from Movie Insider:  "The film tells the story of Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), thirty-year-old best friends from Los Angeles, who are unexpectedly thrust into an international conspiracy when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) shows up at her apartment with a team of deadly assassins on his trail. Much to their own surprise, the duo jump into action, and find themselves on the run in Europe from the assassins and a suspiciously charming British agent (Sam Heughan), as they hatch a plan to save the world."  Is it on your list of movies to see?

click for larger (if applicable)
3.  V-Neck Cover Up
I ordered this swimsuit cover up before we left for vacation and have been sporting it around Cancun all week.  For a $17.99 purchase, I'm pretty darn happy with it!  The fabric is light weight so it's cool to wear and dries fast when wet.  If you are in the market for a cover up, I recommend this one.  Click HERE for more info.

4.  USB Charging Station
Eric and I picked one of these up a while ago and it has made charging all our devices so much easier.  I was thinking that if you had a kiddo heading off to college, it might be a good thing to send with them.  Most dorm rooms don't have a ton of outlets, so this would really free up the plug in space.  Click HERE for more info.  While you're getting one for the kids, you might as well grab one for yourself too!

5.  Don't ask me.......

Image may contain: text

Hope your weekend is fantastic!  We'll be headed to my home town for the annual picnic on Saturday.  My dad helps fry the best fish sandwiches in the food stand and we wait all year to have them.  We'll have lots of catching up to do on Sunday since we've been gone all week.  Pop back in next week for the recap.

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