Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - November 10, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

Five on Friday - November 10, 2017

Happy Friday!  This one really snuck up on me!  Seems like only yesterday we were in Louisville celebrating Eric's birthday.  Now here we are, a week later, getting ready for another weekend.  I'll take it!

My five today are pretty random.  Here they are ~

1.  Harry Potter Socks
Do you have a Harry Potter lover in your life?  If so, you might want to snag this set of 5 ankle socks.  I was all excited about the ones at Target, but now they are out of stock everywhere.  These from Amazon appear to be in stock and ready for you to purchase.  I'm thinking they would be great stocking stuffers or bust up the pack and give one each to five different people.  Check them out HERE.  Wouldn't they also be adorable in Harry Potter goody bags?!?

Harry Potter Juniors/Womens 5 Pack Ankle Socks Shoe Size 4-10 (HP1)

2.  TubShroom
Is your house full of girls with long shedding hair?  Are your drains always getting clogged?  Sounds like you might need the Tubshroom!  This one happens to have a chrome top, so it won't even look out of place in your tub.  As the package says, "Say goodbye to clogged drains forever".

3.  Daddy's Home 2
This movie looks hilarious to me!  It opens today and is on my list to see.  Fandango sums it up like this, "Stepfather Brad (Will Ferrell) and biological dad Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) have set aside their differences, and are content to work together to care for their children. However, their family get-together at Christmas is complicated by the arrival of Brad's fusty dad (John Lithgow) and Dusty's hell-raising pop (Mel Gibson). John Cena and Linda Cardellini co-star in this sequel to the 2015 sleeper-hit comedy Daddy's Home. Directed by Sean Anders."

4.  Digital Infrared Forehead & Ear Thermometer
Cold and flu seasons are fast approaching.  Are you ready?  I got my flu shot and am crossing my fingers we can keep all the bad bugs out of our house this year.  One item you might want to make sure you have handy is a thermometer.  I sure wish I would have had one of these around when Ian was little.  It would have been so much easier if I had had one of these press a button and wait one second models.  Need one for your house?  Click HERE to pick one up.

QQCute Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer More Accurate Medical Fever Body Basal Thermometers Suitable For Baby Kid Adult
5.  Life Expectancy...

Image may contain: food and text

Have a great weekend everyone!  We are going to a wine event tonight that should be a good time and then we're taking it easy tomorrow.  I have our winter clothes ready to go in our closets and, based on the temperatures lately, think that should be fairly high on my priority list to get done.  Sunday I'm headed to see Bad Moms Christmas with a few neighbor friends.  See you next week!

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  1. Happy Friday ! Loving #5 !!! We eat so much bacon in our home :) I had to share on social media ! LOL

  2. Ha! The bacon meme :)

    I actually want to see that Will Ferrel/Mark Wahlberg movie, though I never even heard of the first one?! Looks cute. I assume you don't need to see #1 to enjoy #2?

    Also I need that tub shroom. The other day I noticed black schmutz around the sink drain in the bathroom and thinking about what was extracted makes me want to vomit in my mouth. It's all mine and I'm not proud, but dangit, I gotta lotta hair :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, my sweet!

  3. I really want the Target advent socks, but yeah, they seem to be sold out most places. sigh. I'm really hoping they go back on sale online because that would be great. That and/or the Disney ones. Those are my top two.

    I hope you enjoy Bad Moms Christmas! I want to see it soon.


  4. Those socks are adorable! I bought my son some Pokemon, Star Wars, and Minecraft ankle socks at Target. My middle son would love these but only wears knee socks and I've yet to find many cute designs in knee socks.

  5. Bacon is a food staple of my life! Those socks are awesome. I'm hoping to see Daddy's Home 2 soon.

  6. Happy weekend! The bacon meme is hilarious! I saw Bad Moms Christmas with my friend last night, we laughed a ton!
    The Beth Next Door

  7. LMFAO! That means that i should’ve died in the Middle Ages! Bahahaha!
    That movie looks killer, i love Mark Wahlberg, especially in sarcastic comedies.

    Have a great week Penny!

    Apologies for any weird symbols, my iPhone is on the fritz and I️ think it’s to do with the update.