Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - June 8, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Five on Friday - June 8, 2018

It's Friday!!  Who else out there is ready for a weekend?!?  I know I sure am.  I'm also ready to share my five with you today, so with no further ado ~

1.  Cody
You might remember last fall I mentioned my dear friend's son, Cody, was involved in a car accident that left him with very serious injuries to his head and body.  Well, after 8 long, silent months, Cody is speaking!  (Insert praise hands here!)  This great news actually began on Mother's Day and his speech has continued to improve ever since.  The road to full recovery is still long, but this is such a huge step forward!  If you would like to read Cody's story, check out his GoFundMe page HERE.  And please continue to keep Cody and his family in your prayers.  Cody's a fighter and I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of his miraculous recovery!

2.  Ocean's 8
Can't wait to see this movie that opens today!  So many fabulous female stars came together in this film - Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson.  Here's how Rotten Tomatoes describes it, "Upon her release from prison, Debbie, the estranged sister of legendary conman Danny Ocean, puts together a team of unstoppable crooks to pull of the heist of the century. Their goal is New York City's annual Met Gala, and a necklace worth in excess of 150 million dollars."  Is it on your list of movies to see?

Image result for ocean's 8 movie poster

3.  National Best Friend Day
Hip, hip, hooray for best friends!  And today's the day to celebrate them!  We all have moments when we just need best friends to lean on.  Let today be the day you tell them how much you appreciate and love them in your life.  To all my friends -- I honestly don't know what I would do without you!  Thanks for being there for me.

National Best Friends Day June 8

4.  Saddleback Carriers
Have you guys seen the Saddleback Carriers?  These things are game chargers for parents with small children!  If you've ever tried to carry a kid on your shoulders for more than a nanosecond, you know what I'm talking about.  Saddleback Carriers have a little seat for the child to sit in AND straps that go around their legs to make them more secure, allowing you to be hand-free!  One version comes with a backpack and the other is just the carrier.   Looks like a pretty cool contraption to me!

Saddlebaby Shoulder Carrier pack model
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SaddleBaby Shoulder Carrier-UNI Model
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5.  Summer body....

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Have a great weekend guys!  My friend, Debbie, is coming over tonight and we're going to watch the new episode of Nashville.  Then I have some wedding work to do on Saturday and Sunday.  Hey -- just a friendly reminder to RSVP to any of those invitations you get in the mail.  It's no fun having to track people down to see if they are coming to your event or not!  See you next week.

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  1. This post has brought me joy! Didn't even know about Oceans 8 OMG!! The summer body picture is sooo funny (and refreshing!) and so pleased to hear good news about Cody and his recovery xx

  2. Oceans 8 is on our to see list! I also hate RSVPs bc of many reasons. I know many ppl who think RSVPs don't pertain to them but the moment they send out something with one, they expect an answer the next day. Then bug you until you respond but they feel they don't have to answer. It's so silly!

  3. That's so great that he's talking!!

  4. There is no direct link to GoFund me page so I can help?.

    1. Here's the GoFundMe page:
      Thanks so much!

  5. So wonderful that Cory is speaking! I thought that move looked pretty great too; I love Ocean's 11 so I'm anxious to see how this compares.

  6. Killing me with that meme. Life with out tacos....neva! Sending continued prayers to Cody and his whole family! Also, the saddleback? Where was that when I had young boys. Total game changer!

  7. What great news about your friend's son! I can't wait to see Ocean's 8 either!! I will never give up a Taco Tuesday for the beach!! =P

    Have a great weekend! Melanie | Toots + Dill Blog

  8. Great news about your friends son! Also I relate so much to that beach photo! Give me all the tacos!

  9. Oh, I'm so happy to hear that about Cody. Definitely a fighter! He'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

    I really want to see Ocean's 8. It's a bit of a busy weekend, so maybe next weekend, or even this week if there's a good time to go!


  10. Oh that positive news about Cody is amazing! :) :)