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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Best Picture Goes To...

Hello there! Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday. I'm doing a little thinking about the 2020 Oscar nominations today.

On Monday morning, bright and early, the Academy announced the nominees.  Nine motion pictures are vying for the title of Best Picture.  

Every year, I try to see all the movies up for the title of Best Picture.  This year there are nine.  I've seen five, have no desire to see one, never had heard of two and can't wait to see one.  Guess which two I've never heard of - JoJo Rabbit and Parasite.  Have you seen them?  

I might be the only person left on the planet who hasn't seen Joker.  I might see it only because it's nominated.  From everything I've heard, it's just not a movie that you leave feeling good.  

Which movie are you placing your bet on for the win?  I'll let you know my thoughts as soon as I've seen them all, which hopefully is before the Oscars air on Sunday, February 9.

Now it's your turn.  What are you thinking out loud about today?  Link up and share.

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    1. I never heard of those two movies either. Thanks for hosting!

    2. I haven't seen Joker also. Don't want to. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday.

    3. The Irishman was sooo looong!! Thanks so much for hosting! I’m linking up with TOP 10 POSTS OF 2019 AT GRAMMY’S GRID. My unlimited monthly party 8 is open until January 26 if you’d like to link up! My themed party 9 for all things crochet is open until January 25 if you have appropriate posts.

    4. I've not seen any of them! There are a few of them I am interested in seeing though.

    5. Wow, we have some movies to watch!! PC used to be the country's grandest movie aficiando. But they have gotten so expensive. And we can't go without having popcorn and sodas. So we are being more selective about what we fork over money to see. That being said, we've seen 3 of these. Maybe this long weekend, we can catch up and see a few more. I think JoJo Rabbit is supposed to be a WWII comedy??? Oxymoron if you asked me. Haven't heard of Parasite. And only know the Irishmen from the Golden Globes. Thanks to this post, I researched Marriage Story and realized it is on Netflix. Guess what we are watching tonight?