Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - March 4, 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

Five on Friday - March 4, 2016

It's here!  It's here!  Friday has arrived and I couldn't be happier to see it.  I've been chancing my tail all week and I'm looking forward to having a couple days to just breath.  We do have a pretty full agenda for Saturday and Sunday, but it's some fun stuff which always makes it seem better.

Hope you enjoy my five today!

1.  Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon
When I was out of town coordinating a conference a little bit ago, we had Josh Cabernet Sauvignon wine served at dinner.  Loved it!  Since then, I've seen it pop up a couple different places so I guess word is getting around that it's pretty darn good.  I like my wine smooth and this one was like silk sliding down my throat.  Winemaker’s Notes: "Rich, aromatic dark fruits and baking spices delight the nose, yielding fresh plum and blackberry fruit, violet, dried fig, vanilla bean, and Chinese Five-Spice. The wine is layered with smoky and sappy maple wood, roasted almonds, and hazelnuts and finishes with fine, firm tannins."  Now doesn't that sound yummy!  I just might be stopping by tonight to pick up a bottle.  It's been a long week -- I deserve it!

2.  Lemon Cookies
Last Friday when I came home from girls night out, Eric was baking up a batch of these refrigerated lemon cookies.  Oh.My.Goodness! They are DELICIOUS!  You see, Eric works in a grocery store so when something new hits the shelves he is usually bringing it home for us to try.  These were a hit!  Apparently they are only out for a limited time, but I have every intention of writing a letter to Pillsbury and asking begging them to keep them in the stores year round.  Just in case they don't respond positively to my letter and take them away, you better grab some if you see them.

3.  Kiwi Express Shine
Have you ever looked down at your shoes and thought, EEKS - what happened to the toes of my shoes!  I do that quite a bit in the winter when I look at my boots.  Eric found this magic wand.  Just swipe it over your shoes and they look like brand new.  Quickly.  So on my way out of door I do a little swipe swipe and just like that, my boots don't look like I just walked through a battlefield.
Kiwi Express Shine Sponge, Black, 0.23 Fluid Ounce

4.  Wilton Gold Color Mist
Check this out -- just in time for St. Patrick's Day we have this gold mist.  I'm thinking of so many possibilities for this stuff.  You can spray it on chocolate, icing, ice cream - anything really.  

Check out these Oreos that look like gold coins.  Wouldn't they be fun for St. Patrick's Day?!?  
gold oreo, use edible paint/spray. For a pirate party:

5.  Let's Get Lucky.....

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I'm headed to a wine tasting tonight.  Tomorrow Eric and I are grading papers for a spelling bee and then Sunday we're taking Ian and Kayla out to dinner to celebrate Ian's birthday.  Hope you stop back by on Monday to hear the details.

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  1. Yes for Josh wines. My newest obsession!

  2. That shoe shine line is a lifesaver! I have some in my desk at work.
    Is it just me or the gold Oreos look so odd? I'm not sure I could eat then, even though it's just a color.
    Have a fantastic weekend Penny! ;-) xo

  3. Happy Friday! That gold food spray is crazy!! And I need to find those lemon cookies - yum!

  4. Mmh, lemon cookies, sounds so good. And that wine, haven't heard of Josh wines before, but I wouldn't say no to a glass of wine anytime. That food spray is crazy, not sure I would eat those cookies though. But you're right, they are perfect for St. Patty's. Happy Friday! xxx

  5. Golden oreos! Those look amazing :)

    I'm not much of a cab drinker, but my parents just gave me a bottle of it--I'll be sure to check out the one you recommended, too. It's fun to step outside of my usual wine selections!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I always look forward to your Friday favorites! You always have the neatest stuff!

    Have a good weekend!


  7. I was looking for some inspiration about what Donald Trump might serve on Presidential china and those cookies are the answer! LOL!

  8. Love the gold coins!! May have to run out and buy some lemon cookies dough. Have a great weekend.

  9. Omg I need to find those lemon cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had no idea Wilton made a gold spray!?! That's perfect for St. Patty's day!!! =)

    Have a great weekend!! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  10. LOVE that gold spray! Where do you find it?

  11. Thanks for the tip on the wine. Those lemon cookies look might be dangerous for me to have them at the house since I would eat all of them! That's so cool that your hubby gets to bring home all the newest products! Have a good weekend!

  12. Those cookies look very deceiving!

  13. I love all things lemon!! Will have to keep a look out for those cookies. Happy Friday!

  14. My MIL decorates cakes, I'll have to get her some of that hold mist!!

  15. I'm tempted to go to the store right now and find those cookies! I love all things lemon!

  16. Love the winemaker notes! Must try a glass. :)

  17. I need to grab those cookies for the husband!

  18. I've had that wine before and it's good! I'm not a big lemon dessert person, but I was actually just thinking of making lemon cookies with cream cheese icing...NOMNOM