Penny's Passion: Going to the Beach on Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Going to the Beach on Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Hello there!  Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  Today I'm thinking out loud about our upcoming trip to the beach and the thought of it alone puts a smile on my face.

Hearing the sound of waves crashing on a sandy beach is seriously one of my favorite, favorite things.  Being located in the center of the county means a trip to the ocean requires a little bit more planning than a long weekend at a city where we can arrive after a couple hours in the car.  Eric and I decided that we needed a relaxing few days by the ocean, so in a few short weeks we will be off to Cancun!  To say I'm excited is definitely an understatement.

So today I'm thinking about a couple things I want to make sure gets in our suitcase.  Since this will be a flying trip to the beach (not the long drive in the car), most of my beach goods will be staying at home, but here's a few that will be tucked away in my suitcase ~

Yahtzee Game
When Eric and I were in Cancun a couple years ago, we really enjoyed hanging out on the side of the pool playing Yahtzee.  The game is small in size so it fits nicely in the beach bag.  It pairs nicely with a few cocktails because it really takes very little skill to play.  Perfect for the all-inclusive resort where we will be staying!  Need one for your beach vacation?  Click HERE.

Hasbro Yahtzee Game

Have you played Bananagrams?  It's so fun!  This, too, fits easily in the beach bag and can be played almost anywhere.  This particular version has big letters, which we just might need after hanging out at the pool all day.

Lavender Eye Pillow
I've not taken my eye pillow on vacation with me before, but I plan on slipping it in my suitcase on this trip.  The other day I was in a meditation class and the feel of the warm scented eye pillow was so relaxing.  Immediately I knew that mine had to go with me to Cancun!  For the rest of the class, I visualized reclining on the balcony of our hotel room with the sound of the ocean in the background and a warm breeze blowing with my eye pillow draped across face.  Yes, this thing is definitely getting packed!  Need one?  They are available HERE.  The four pack is almost as cheap as a single, so get four and spread some love to your friends.

Usually as soon as we arrive at our resort, I'm in the gift shop buying a cheap raft to use for the week.  This year I'm planning on bypassing that stop and packing my own since a new one comes in such a compact package.  The resort where we will be has a lazy river and I plan on doing a lot of floating around in it.  This raft will be perfect for that because you can sit up, rest your arms and it has a drink holder!  At the end of the week, I'll scope out someone who looks like they would enjoy it and give the raft to them.  Win, win!  It's available HERE.

Thanks for letting me think out loud about things I'll be taking on vacation with me.  Now it's your turn - what are you thinking out loud about today?  Link up and share with us!

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  1. Yay for vacays...which resort you headed to?

    1. Excellence Hotel in Riviera Maya.

    2. Oh excellence resorts are wonderful. You'll have a blast!

  2. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful time on the beach. Enjoy.

  3. You had me at beach!!!! I cant play games I just float and lay and read books - LOL!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!

  4. Have a great time in Cancun! I love the idea of bringing a pool float and gifting it off to someone else.

  5. The beach sounds amazing right now! Yahtzee is such a fun but classic game. I think I will have to pick a new box up when we head out on our next trip in a few weeks. Never played the Banana one yet. I love this float too. Not to big or bulky and it looks so much easier to get in and off off than the regular round floats! Have so much fun on your trip to the beach!