Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday - January 17, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - January 17, 2019

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  So glad you popped in to see what I'm thinking out loud about today.  Be sure to link up below and share what's on your mind.

If you read my Thinking Out Loud post from last week, you knowing the topic for today is physical environment.  I have been on a real Rachel Hollis streak lately and truly enjoyed not only reading her Girl, Wash Your Face book but also went to see her limited release movie called Made for More.  At the end of the movie, she did a little coaching session and hit on the topic of how your physical environment can enhance your overall happiness.  The more I thought about it (and the more honest I was with myself), the more I realized how true that statement was for me!  Is it true for you too?

Rachel is a say-it-like-it-is kind of gal and talked about how if your physical environment is cluttered and unorganized, there's a real chance your overall well being is going to be cluttered and unorganized too.  As much as I would like to believe that's not the case for me, I know deep in my heart it is.  Sadly, I'm such a clutter bug.  Keeping an area tidy just doesn't come naturally to me.  Marie Kondo, Ms. Tidying Up, I am not! 

In an effort to make 2019 the best year yet, I'm going out on a limb to get the clutter bug in me to hit the road and be gone.  I'd also like to drag you along with me.  A few months ago, I did a deep dive into my closet and have worked super hard at keeping the area free of clothes and shoes being tossed everywhere.  Now when I enter the space to get dressed for the day, it's a much calmer environment.  This is proof positive that the hard work in keeping this physical environment tidy really does make me feel better. 

I think one of the most important things is to identify spaces in your world that makes you feel calm and relaxed.  I have intentionally carved out a few spaces in our home where I can take solace from a stressful day.  Do you have areas in your home that serve as your special spot?  By no means do I want to come across like the areas I've set aside are always perfect!  Lord knows sometimes my special reading spot in the corner of our bedroom looks like this ~

And other times sitting there reading would be impossible because the space is looking like this ~

It's all a work in process, right?!?  I think the important thing is to identify spaces and objects that put a smile on your face, brings your blood pressure down and adds joy to your life.  We all have them - it's just a matter of identifying what and where they are. 

Not long ago, I started being a tea drinker.  My friend, Linda, gave me my first pretty cup.  Just holding it, letting the warmth from the hot liquid soak into my hands, brings a smile to my face. More tea drinking with this cup needs to happen!  What brings you this kind of joy?  Shouldn't we all be identifying the items that bring us joy and using the heck out of them!

One of the hardest areas in our roost for me to keep clean is my craft room.  I have layers of projects taking up every crook and cranny of space.  There's going to be a true focus in that room this year!  I want the area to be magazine beautiful, but that has only happened like three times in the last 10 years.  The me I want to be, the best me possible, is going to whip this space into shape!  The saying over the closet sums it up pretty well ~ Nobody can be exactly like me.  Sometimes even I have trouble doing it. 

What's going on with your physical environment?  What's your goals for that space in 2019?  Looking forward to hearing from you!  Link up and share your thoughts!

Get ready -- next week the topic for Thinking Out Loud Thursday is going to be Personal Environment - how is your health and what can be done to get on track health-wise. 


  1. I really need to start cleaning up. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful Thursday.

  2. Great read! Hoping this will help to get me motivated!

  3. Awesome blog Penny! And thank you for your encouragement to link up with you! I just did! :)

  4. I've got to go through more stuff too. Good luck with it!

  5. my daughter is about to move and that's going to require us cleaning our basement to store some of her stuff... hey, necessity is forcing me into organizing and tossing a bunch of unimportant stuff! I'll take it and get going! thanks for the post!

  6. Having a clutter free space is huge to me and when things get too out of sorts I totally know I don't process my thoughts clearly and get a little ADD. I'm pretty good at purging by nature but still was just keeping too much. Last year I did some deeper purging and organizing and I can tell you it sure has made me think twice before I purchase anything.

  7. I definitely need one (or multiple) spots in my home where I can feel I can wind down and relax. A cup of tea always helps :)

  8. Hoping I can stay home enough and my mom can stay well so that I can declutter some around here. It really does reflect on how things are internally with me when my exterior (my appearance) and my home are disheveled. I do pretty well keeping up with the house everywhere but my loft/craft space. It is so small and I have so much crammed in there. Even picked up, it looks like organized chaos.