Penny's Passion: Bachelor Recap on Thinking Out Loud Thursday - March 14, 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Bachelor Recap on Thinking Out Loud Thursday - March 14, 2019

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Tuesday night wrapped up "the most dramatic season ever" of the Bachelor and I'm still in disbelieve that I invested approximately 24 hours of viewing time over 10 weeks to watch Colton's quest to find love.  Holy cow!  I spent many of those hours shaking my head at the girl's reactions and conversations.  It's like a train wreck - I just couldn't look away and kept coming back week and week for more.  Were you perched on your couch watching it too?  Please don't tell me I was the only one hanging on week after week.

Spoiler alert - The 27 year-old Colton did find the love of his life in Cassie, who is a 23 year-old speech pathologist from Huntington Beach, California.  But before he got to the end, he had to send 29 girls packing.  All in right around 6 weeks of filming!

Were you as sick as I was with Chris Harrison talking about Colton being a virgin?  Jeez, give that a rest!  And if you were like me and thought that former bachelor Sean Lowe was also a virgin, let me clear that up for you.  Sean had had sex with girls but decided at age 24 that he was going to abstain for religious reasons from having sexual relationships until he found his forever partner.  Today he is still married to his final rose recipient Catherine Giudici.   Have you seen pictures of their adorable two little boys?  So precious!

You might have noticed that Colton didn't put a big Neil Lane ring on Cassie's finger.  Neil Lane donates the ring in exchange for the promotion he gets from the show.  It's also a fact that the couple has to stay together for 2 years after the final episode if they want to keep the ring.

If you're wondering what Colton has been up to since filming The Bachelor, he has a new song out that he sang with O-Town.  Who knew he could sing?!?  It's called Hello World and is a fundraiser for his Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation.  The foundation assists cystic fibrosis patients.  I'm still very unclear on what the guy does to pay the bills.  

Hello World (feat. Colton Underwood)
If you're glued to the TV on Mondays watching the Bachelor franchise shows, we have a little reprieve until May 13 when the premiere of The Bachelorette debuts.  Hannah B (do you think they'll drop the "B" since she's the only girl in the mansion now?) will put her heart on the line and search for true love in Season 15.  Hannah, Miss Alabama 2018, is a 24 year-old interior decorator.  Wonder if she'll do a little decorating in the mansion between handing out the roses??

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  1. Nice post. I really enjoy reading it. Very instructive, keep on writing.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it!! This post and The Bachelor/ette. Yes, I sit on the edge of the couch from the first night to the final rose! Was sick to death of hearing about Colton's sex life, like you and while I liked Cassie at the beginning, I wasn't crazy about her in the end. Even PC watches with me. I want to write about this too!!! Let me see if I can throw a post together. On the road tomorrow but maybe between flights. XO

  3. I watched this mess from afar. (Headlines, mostly!) I found a post that matched Colton with his best partner from a zodiac perspective. Very interesting.

  4. Very nice, since I have never seen the show. Great recap. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday.

  5. I have yet to watch a season of this show all the way though. Partly because we don't have cable LOL . But I have a few friends who are obsessed and though all their posts on FB its like I actually watched it myself! Best wishes to the couple though. Its got to be hard having all those eyes on you and make it all work!!!

  6. Honestly I read spoilers to end this season I dont mind hannah so itll be interesting to see her as well.

  7. I've actually never watched one single episode of this show.. though I know a lot about it from other bloggers. It's got quite the following.

  8. I didn't watch, but social media has kept me updated on this season :)

  9. Yup. Raises hand—I watched that train wreck, too. I’m glad that he found his forever and I honestly hope it works out for them. I was annoyed at first that he still pursued her when he had other incredible girls, when it was obvious she was young and not really as serious about it, but maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am! Also the Hannah season should be interesting: I hope she’s able to form sentences by then 😊