Penny's Passion: Weekending - November 15, 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

Weekending - November 15, 2019

Happy Monday!  Rewinding the weekend on the blog today - and it was a fun one!  Let's start right at the beginning.  At 5:00 pm on Friday we (and by we I mean me, my friend Linda and Eric) converged at our house to get the weekend started.  It was my birthday weekend and Eric brought home the most beautiful, delicious cake!  We had to have a piece before we did anything else!

After a quick bite to eat and getting a sugar high from the cake, we headed to the theater to see Ford v Ferrari.  If you haven't seen it yet, put it on your list.  All three of us thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would not be surprised is Christian Bale got an Academy nod.  

Saturday morning Linda and I met my daughter-in-law Kayla for a cooking class at one of my favorite stores, Fezziwig's.  I've done cooking classes there before and always enjoy them immensely.  Saturday's class had an added bonus - Theodore Leaf was helping teach the class along side his Aunt Ellen.  His YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out!  You can find it HERE.

The theme of the class was Thanksgiving sides, but let me just say the recipes we cooked are going to be showing up at my house a lot more than just on Thanksgiving!  We watched as Ellen and Theodore whipped up mashed potatoes, gravy, Brussels sprouts, and a tossed salad.  They weaved in so many helpful tips and tricks, making the class even better than just sharing the recipes.   I've got to share the recipe for the Brussels Sprouts with you guys sometime.  They were devine!

Highly recommend checking out the classes at Fezziwig's (website found HERE).  They are informative and fun and leave you with a renewed pep in your step. 

After the class, Linda and I popped in a couple of my favorite stores so I could spend my birthday coupons.  Loft had gifted my $15, Ulta sent me a coupon for a free tube of MAC lipstick, White House Black Market gave me $10.  Chico's had a $25 off of a $25 purchase on their latest flyer and I had that with us also.  All said and done, I ended up with a tube of lipstick, an adorable black dress, fancy t-shirt and a pair of earrings for $13.  Happy birthday to me!

We picked up Eric and made a beeline to the outlet malls before dinner.  Of course we found a few more things that had to come home with us.

Dinner was next on the agenda.  We met up with Ian and Kayla at Piccadilly at Manhattan.  It was fun sitting in this corner neighborhood establishment enjoying each other's company.

They are known for their pot pie, so that's what each of us ordered.  It was the comfortable food needed after a busy day!

After dinner we ventured back to our house to enjoy a piece of cake.  Linda and I had to pack for our adventure on Sunday.  We were flying to Vegas!

Sunday morning we left as the sun was coming up.  I'll be sharing our adventures in Las Vegas later, but let me just say that the start of the trip was pretty epic!  Our goals while in Vegas are to see Aerosmith, have dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and get a picture in front of every casino on the Strip.  Oh yeah, and maybe win a big jackpot!!

Have a wonderful week!  I'll be back to share more about my trip to Vegas soon.


  1. What a wonderful weekend!! I've always wanted to take a cooking class and it sounds like you found some great shopping deals.

  2. What a grand celebration. I kept thinking, "Where's Vegas?" but these were the pre-Vegas festivities! Gotcha! That cake is so pretty, such soft colors. Glad you made the rounds to collect on your assorted gift cards and treats at the different stores. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your birthday bash.