Penny's Passion: Let's Have a Little Baby Shower

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Let's Have a Little Baby Shower

If you read my weekending blog (HERE), you know I hosted a baby shower this past Sunday.  The shower was in honor of my upcoming nephew that I can not wait to meet!  Little Liam should be making his arrival in mid September, but if he decided to show up a little early we won't be disappointed.

Carina, the beautiful mommy-to-be, chose a nautical theme for the baby so I decided to carry that into the shower decorations.  There were so many adorable things out there!  Deciding on using an anchor as the focal point, I went to town pulling together the decorations I wanted to make.

I have to say, without my Silhouette Cameo things would not be as easy to whip up.  I made the banners, cupcake toppers and garland all by cutting designs and gluing the cut paper together.  It amazes me what a little paper will do for a party!  If you're a crafter and don't have a Silhouette, I would HIGHLY recommend you think about getting one.  Such a wonderful tool to have!!

A specific place for guests who bring a card is always a great idea.  You don't want those cards getting misplaced among the other bags and gifts.  It's super simple to grab a glass container and designate it for cards.

Paper placements were purchased from HERE and a die cut anchor was glued on the corner.  How cute are these?!?  Seriously, this entire project for 30 place mats was under $10.  Again, thank you Silhouette.

Another little touch that I love to do is put stickers on the bottom of Hershey Kisses.  People always think they are so cute and they make great treats to have for the guests to munch on.  I purchase the printable stickers from Etsy, printed them on sticker paper and cut them with a circle punch.  Again, super simple and not very expensive to pull off.

See that blue anchor backdrop behind the food table?  Guess what that is.  It's a roll of wrapping paper attached to the wall with double stick masking tape.  Such an easy, inexpensive thing to do.

Games can be so fun at showers!  I purchased some printable ones from Etsy with cute little anchors on them and placed them on decorated clip boards.  We were lucky at this shower to have tables for everyone to sit at, but that's not always the case.  The clip boards are wonderful to use if you're having a shower where people are sitting around without anything to write on.  It can be a little difficult to fill out the game cards on your lap.  If you need some of these cute little clip boards, they can be purchased HERE.

Don't you love getting a little favor when you go to a party?  Well, of course you do.  Who doesn't?  For Carina's shower I purchased printable personal stickers that fit on Bath & Body's small hand sanitizers.  They turned out so adorable.

It was a fun Sunday afternoon and I want to say a special thank you to my daughter-in-law, Kayla, for helping me.  Also my brother, mom and nephews, Mason and Landon, for helping set up.  Okay Liam -- the party is over.  It's time for you to get here so we can meet you!

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  1. The mini hand sanitizers are cute and I've seen them at a lot of parties lately. YOu did a great job!

  2. I love your baby shower theme! And the card holder is genius, I wish someone would have had that at ours, we lost so many cards (someone ended up putting them in a present bag). I think it's great you saved so much money but threw such a nice shower.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. I love this idea so much! I might snag an idea or two for my wedding reception!!!

  4. So cute. My old dance teacher had a nautical/ sea themed baby shower when she was expecting her son and so did my friend when she was expecting her son.

  5. All the little touches were adorable. My favorite is the bingo with the clipboard, you thought of everything. I usually don't dig games at these functions, but bring on the bingo, anywhere, anytime. Love the whole nautical theme for a little boy. Well done again Penny.

  6. These are adorable and great ideas! WWW.

  7. What a wonderful party! Great details for sure
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  8. The theme and decorations are beautiful! I will be hosting a baby shower this weekend for my nephew who will be born in September (but probably sooner)! You really nailed the theme on the head for yours! Looks like fun :-)

    -Lacey author of

  9. I am absolutely printing this out and leaving it in my husband's truck so he has to see it. Mostly because I want a Cameo, have been begging for one (not so discreetly) for awhile and he says I don't need it. CLEARLY I DO.

  10. I love this idea as a theme! There are so many options for decor and food. Baby showers are so fun to decorate for. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow, looks great and you did a fabulous job. I love the theme as well, that and jungle theme are my faves for baby showers. :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. Such a sweet little Baby Shower! The theme truly looks very interesting. I love the way this party had been decorated. That rustic basket is way too nice. I am also going to organize such a fun baby shower for my cousin. I’ll book her favorite garden party venue Houston.