Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - September 5, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Five on Friday - September 5, 2014

1.  Scooby Snack
I'll be headed to Kansas City next weekend for Girls Weekend and was reviewing some cocktail options to take with me.  I remembered my friend Sherri and I having Scooby Snacks and we swore it made our skin glow.  Think I'll take the ingredients to make these:


1/2 oz. (15ml) Midori
1/2 oz. (15ml) Coconut Rum
Splash Pineapple Juice
Splash Whipped Cream
Top with Whipped Cream

2.  Tailgate Emergency Kit
Our family is invited to tailgate with some friends on Sunday to welcome the first game of the Rams season.  I made this little tailgate emergency kit for them as a thank you.  Hopefully no one will need any of the stuff inside, but just in case they do they will be ready.  A full post containing the 411 on making a kit of your own will be coming soon.  Hope the Rams are as ready for the season as we are!
3.  Breaking Bad
Monday was a total binge watching day for me.  I know I'm late to the Breaking Bad party, but man -- I could not stop watching this on Monday!  I started the weekend about midway through Season 2 and by Tuesday morning I was on the first episode of Season 5.  Yes, that's A LOT of watching Breaking Bad.  Anyone else a binge watcher?
4.  Power Bank
Eric brought home a little surprise for me one night this week -- a portable power bank with LED flashlight.  This is a real gem!  I'm notorious for forgetting to charge my phone then when we're out I have no power.  Well, this little baby charges it in a jiffy.  It came with 4 types of connectors so it will work with all my mobile devices.  If you're one that could use some extra juice every now and again, this could be for you.  The flashlight is an added bonus.  And he was smart enough to get my favorite color - pink. 

hot popular 4500mAh portable power bank with led flashlight for smart phone
5.  Guardian Angel
If you know me, you know this is probably true.
I'm off with Tracy, Sherri and Carol for a girl's night out tonight.  Hope you're doing something fun too!
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  1. Love a cocktail that will make my skin glow!! My husby has seen all of the Breaking Bads but he says they will be too sad for me!!

  2. I used to be a binge watcher. I'm probably failing now because I'm watching a show that I've already seen before. I binged Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, & Dawson's Creek though.

  3. A signature cocktail is an essential part of any girls weekend...hope you ladies have a fantastic time!

  4. OH Penny, isn't Breaking Bad great!!!?!! I love, love that show. I'm finished watching. I hear there may be a spin-off in the works. Have fun! You better call...Saul!

  5. Hope you enjoyed your girls night out :)

  6. Breaking Bad = best show EVER! We were late to the game, too and binge watched it all this past winter. We watched the entire series in less than a month! Can't wait for Better Call Saul to premier this fall! I know it won't be the same but I'll take my Breaking Bad fix however I can get it :)

  7. A cocktail to make my skin glow? Hmmmm sounds like something right up my alley! Also, don't feel bad about binge-watching TV - honestly isn't it the best way to watch? You get wrapped up in the story and don't have to wait for new episodes to come out. What did you think of the finale? I thought it was such a perfect ending to the series and stayed true to the characters.