Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - June 19, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday - June 19, 2015

Friday -- you really sneaked up on me!  But here we are and I most certainly am not going to complain about having a weekend ahead of me.  I'm really looking forward to celebrating Father's Day with my dad tomorrow.  He's the best dad ever!  We'll be travelling back to the small town in mid Missouri that I grew up in to see him.

And now for my Five on Friday for this week ~

1.  Martini Day
As we all get ready for Father's Day on Sunday, let's not overlook what today is ~ National Martini Day.  My favorite martini is a pomegranate one.  My version is super simple to make -- just use one part Pearl pomegranate vodka to two parts pomegranate juice.  I like to use the Langer's Zero Calorie pomegranate juice ~ it makes me feel like I'm drinking a low cal drink.  Mix it, shake it and pour.  Cheers!

2.  No Wait App
Remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about going to the restaurant Peacemaker, well Eric and I used this cool No Wait App.  We figured there would be a long wait -- and we were right.  We checked on our cool No Wait app and it said there was a 75 minute wait.  We were able to check in with the app and start our wait time before we even left the house.  When we arrived, we just told the hostess we were there, got a drink at the bar and 10 minutes later were at our table.  Worked out great!  Have you used it before?

3.  Nola Honey & Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Facial Cleaning Wipes
Tracy had these in her Tracy's favorite things Christmas package this year and I'm in love with them!  They do a wonderful job removing makeup and leave your face feeling fantastic.  I've been using them before bed and they make my face feel so soft I don't even have to use lotion afterwards.

Honey & Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Facial Cleaning Wipes 30 Count Pack
Available on Amazon HERE

4.  Galleria Big Flower Folding Umbrella
It's been rainy all week in St. Louis.  Wouldn't it be fun to have this flower umbrella!  It folds up to a size you can slip in your purse and opens to a nice large size that will cover you when the rain is coming down.  Even though the weather is kind of gloomy, this bright umbrella would bring some cheer to the day.
Available on Amazon HERE
5.  True Chick Flick....

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be back on Monday to let you know how mine went down.  We are supposed to go to an outdoor theater tonight to see My Fair Lady, but the weather might not allow that to happen.  Keep your fingers crossed that the rain stops long enough for us to get in the show!

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  1. Lol. I love your meme for #5. I love that movie and it totally cracks me up. Have a wonderful weekend with your dad!

  2. I have to get that No Wait app! What a great idea! National martini day?? Well, I better celebrate!

  3. I kept an eye on the Muny FB page last night - it would appear that the show was on rain delay, started late and got only the first half done and didn't do the 2nd half. I'm hoping we all have better luck tonight!! Fingers crossed!!

  4. Love that No Wait app idea! Hope you all have a safe trip & wonderful visit with your Dad :)

  5. I need to check out the No Wait app. Thanks for sharing it! Have a great weekend.

  6. Your martini sounds amazing. I love sitting on my patio with a fun cocktail, and I like that yours is low cal. I also love the idea of the no wait app. Have a great weekend with your dad!

  7. The no wait app really is amazing! It literally has saved us hours of waiting!

    Happy Friday! The Southerndoe

  8. I have never heard of that No Wait app!! I need to check it out, but it sounds perfect! And I love the packaging on those wipes. It's just so pretty! I'd buy it just for the packaging :) Hope you had a wonderful trip to MO!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  9. I'd never heard of the NoWait app, thank you! I use the Great Clips online check in & it's so awesome to be next in line right when we walk in. I just knew there had to be something like that for restaurants LOL

  10. I might need that umbrella - so cute!

  11. Great umbrella! Especially for all the rain here in the Pacific Northwest.