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Monday, June 20, 2016

What Went Down This Weekend

Hey guys!  It's Monday and I'm sitting here once again wishing I had another day of weekend.  Eric and I had a wonderful time the last few days and I just hate the fact that Monday rolled around so soon.  I swear when I was walking in the building this morning to start my real job, it felt like just a few hours since I left on Friday.  Guess that means I'm making the most of my weekends, and that's not a bad thing!  So I'm going to put this post together over my lunch time and then start dreaming about what I have going on this coming weekend.

Friday night Eric and I headed to the Muny to see The Wizard of Oz.  We have season tickets with Kayla and Ian.  So glad we get to see them on Friday nights!

This was the first production of the seven show season and it was a great one!  If you're not familiar with St. Louis, the Muny is an outdoor theater in the heart of Forest Park.  Each summer the productions take place from mid-June through mid-August.  What's really cool is at each performance there are 1,500 free (yes, FREE) seats available on a first-come basis at the back of the theater.  Gates open at 7:00 pm, but lines for the free seats sometimes start forming as early as 4:00 pm.

Saturday we were off to the camping site my mom and dad had secured for us.  I posted this picture on Facebook Saturday morning with the caption, "Apparently we need this much stuff to survive in the wilderness for 30 hours."  Yes, that's a fan.  We had a camping site with electricity so why not try to stay cool!

If you know me, you know that camping really isn't my thing.  But I have to admit, we had a great time and I would go back in a heartbeat.  We met Mom and Dad at Mark Twain Lake in the morning and got our camp site looking like home.

Ian and Kayla drove up to spend the day with us and the washer games were on!

As you can see, some of us are better than others!  Disclosure:  I was not throwing the white washers.

We had a grill full of food for lunch.  For some reason, food cooked on an open flame just seems to taste better.

For dessert, we had these little pineapple upside down cakes.  It's one of the very few "camping" recipes I know.  You could easily fix them at home on the grill, but for some reason I only seem to think of them when we go camping.  I'll be sharing the recipe tomorrow on how you can whip them up.

After Ian and Kayla headed home, we decided to take a drive around the lake and stumbled onto a little winery in Florida, Missouri.  The Florida Winery served a great Moscato and we drank it while enjoying a band called The Echos playing on the winery's patio.  Fun way to spend the afternoon!

We returned to our campsite and played cards for a bit.  As the sun began to set, we went to a location we had seen earlier in the day at Buzzard Roost to watch it dip into the lake.  I'm so glad we did because it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen.  It was wonderful to be able to share it with Eric and my parents!

Even though the temperatures had reached in the 100's throughout the week, Saturday night in the tent we actually got a bit chilly and had to turn off our fan.  Go figure!

Sunday morning Dad fixed a breakfast to die for -- bacon, eggs, hash browns, gravy, biscuits and waffles!  It was delicious!

After we cleaned up from breakfast, we played cards for a while and then decided to call it a wrap.  I loved spending Father's Day with my dad doing something he loved to do.  We made some great memories and camping isn't so bad.  In fact, camping was great.

We got home and tried to get all the stuff unloaded.  I'm having friends over tonight to see the Chad situation unfold on The Bachelorette and I really didn't want all our camping stuff to still be sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Stop back by tomorrow to snag that camping pineapple upside down cake recipe.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend with family. I received your card today in the mail. Thank you! It made my day. I will attempt to plant the seeds and see what happens. Can't promise life will sprout from it. I have no green thumb. Sweet words you gave me today.

  3. What a fun time! Beautiful camp site and I love what's on that grill! Delish! Have a great summer. Tracy

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