Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday - January 12, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - January 12, 2017

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  Today I'm thinking out loud about one of my newer loves - hot tea!  Do you enjoy a nice, relaxing cup of hot tea?  I think my love for tea came about when I was watching Downton Abbey.  All those tea parties and such sparked an interest.  Maybe I was hoping to become more like Lady Mary if I started drinking more tea!  So far I'm not sure that has happened, but my love for hot tea is still there.

I noticed yesterday that January happens to be hot tea month which is what prompted this thinking.  We are anticipating an icepocolypse overnight today and that made we dream about sitting at home, looking out the window with a warm cup of hot tea in my  hand.  In reality I'll probably be nervously trying to drive to work, but a girl can dream!

A couple of my favorite tea products are from Teavana.  The first one is this handy little Perfectea Maker.  All you have to do is add your favorite loose-leaf tea and hot water.  When your tea has steeped just the right amount of time, place your Perfectea Maker on top of your cup and press.  The tea flows out of the bottom and into your cup.  Makes up to 16 ounces.  I love it and have given it to a couple of my tea-loving friends as gifts.

The second is my Contour Tumbler.  My friend, Linda, gave this to me a couple years ago and I didn't realize until I started using it how much I would love it!  It comes with a removable tea infuser basket for easy steeping on the go.  The push-button stop is great for preventing leaks and spills.  You will find this baby with me on my way to work every morning.  That is, every morning I don't forget it on the counter.
Blue Teavana® Contour Tumbler
Ever wonder what the proper way to sip tea is in public?  Found this cute little YouTube video to answer all our questions.

So enjoy the rest of National Hot Tea Month!  What are some of your favorite hot tea items?

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  1. I need to start getting into tea!! I am a coffee person, but I know too much coffee can get me a little wired!

  2. I love tea but I always seem to forget to bring it. It is a nice alternative to coffee. I also have a favourite tea at the moment It tastes a lot like Hot Chocolate but with only 5 calories a cup its a win-win, especially in the New Year when we are all trying to lose some extra pounds! I have a very similar steeper from David's tea and I also have a frother that I use when making tea lattes. You've got me thinking now that I should definitely put some effort in to drinking my tea!

  3. We are going to need tea galore with the icepocalyse coming!

  4. Yes for that icepocalyse there's gonna be a lot of tea involved and maybe some coffee too. -Cass from

  5. Need to try these. I'm too obsessed with coffee

  6. I've been consuming only coffee up until recently when I've made myself a nice cup of tea on a really cold and wintery night. I had forgotten just how soothing and warm for the soul tea is. :)