Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - February 17, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

Five on Friday - February 17, 2017

We've made it to Friday!  Are you as excited as I am that it's the weekend?!?  Eric and I had a case of the stomach flu this week and am happy to report it only lasted a little over 24 hours.  Hope that nasty stuff doesn't hit your home!  Glad to report it passed through rather quickly!

Here's my five for this week ~

1.  This House Is Not For Sale Tour
This is a big weekend!!  A friend and I are going to Nashville on Saturday to see our buddy Jon in his This House Is Not For Sale Tour and then racing back to St. Louis to see him here on Sunday.  A double dose of Bon Jovi - does it get any better than that!?!  I think not!  We are super excited and it should be a great weekend.  If you want to pick up his latest CD, click HERE.  And hey Jon, if you want to give us a lift back to St. Louis we'll ride your bus and leave the car in Nashville!

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2.  InSinkErator Hot Water Dispenser
Eric and I are seriously considering adding this appliance to our kitchen.  I've fallen in love with hot tea and taking a cup with me in the car on my way to work.  What I don't love is waiting for the water to get hot on my way out the door. (I might have a patience problem.)  We have this hot water dispenser at work and it is soooooo handy!  You literally just push the button and have instant hot water!  No more waiting around for the kettle to boil.  Think you might want one too?  Check it out HERE.

3.  St. Patrick's Day Pillow
St. Patrick's Day is coming and I'm going to add this adorable pillow to my decorations.  It's on sale right now at Kohl's for only $8.99!  It should last for years so it's definitely worth the price!  Speaking of St. Patrick's Day, I'm going to make every effort to get my decorations out VERY SOON.  I totally neglected Valentine's Day and hate that I missed putting my decorations out inside the house.  I'm determined not to let that happen for St. Patrick's Day!

4.  Where We Fall
I finished reading this book a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  It has some very interesting twists!  Here's the recap from Amazon: "By all accounts, Abby Holden has it all. She’s the mother of a beautiful teenager and the wife of a beloved high school football coach. And all it took to achieve her charmed life was her greatest act of betrayal.

Coach Ryan can coax his team to victory, but he can’t seem to make his wife, Abby, happy. Her struggles with depression have marred their marriage and taken a toll on their daughter, Juliana. Although this isn’t the life he’s dreamed of, he’s determined to heal the rifts in his family.

Chasing waterfalls and documenting their beauty has led photographer Lauren Sheppard all around the world. Now it has brought her back home to the mountains of North Carolina—back to the scene of her devastating heartbreak.

For the first time in seventeen years, a trio of once-inseparable friends find themselves confronting past loves, hurts, and the rapid rush of a current that still pulls them together…"

It's free if you have Kindle Unlimited!

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5.  Being a Mom....

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Have a wonderful weekend!  We are supposed to have great weather in St. Louis.  Yesterday it actually got up near 70 degrees, which is so nice for the middle of February!  See you back next week.  I'll be back to fill you in on our adventures in Nashville!

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  1. Nashville? Bon Jovi? Oh my heavens lady have SO much fun! Happy weekend! xo

  2. That meme is hysterical. And is it really time for St. Patrick's Day already? Ack!

  3. Someone LOVES Bon Jovi!! Hope it's a great weekend for you.

  4. Lol, that meme cracked me up! I can't even keep my dog's names straight so I totally get it. Some days it's just too hard to remember names and stuff.

  5. I'd love a hot water dispenser!! I have a kettle now - which was way better than a year ago when I had to heat up my water in the microwave! Moving on up!

  6. That last meme made me laugh out loud! I love that pillow. so cute!

  7. Wow, that' some serious fandom! Hope you enjoy the concerts. That last meme totally made me laugh.

  8. Hey Penny! I hope you had a great weekend and it continues on this Presidents' Day (I'm pretty sure that's today for y'all). We had amazing weather all weekend, no very winter-like whatsoever. Has me wondering if it's too good to be true or if an early spring is indeed upon us.

    Love that St. Patrick's day pillow. That's my hubby and I dating anniversary, this year will be 15 years. :)

    Have a great week hun!