Penny's Passion: Weekending - February 26, 2021

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Weekending - February 26, 2021

Another weekend in the books and here's the rewind ~

Friday night Eric and I dined on fish from a local fish fry (don't you love Lent!) and finished the season of Ted Lasso.  What a great show!  Have you seen it?  My friend Linda turned me on to it and I'm so glad she did!  If you have Apple TV+, add this to your watch list.

For a while now I had abandoned doing weekly meal planning.  What I realized was we were wasting a lot of food because I was overbuying and because we didn't have a plan, we would just pick up food on the way home instead of cooking what we had.  So, Saturday morning I spent a little time working on a meal plan for the week and making a grocery list.  If I'm honest with myself, I love knowing what we're fixing each day and not having to spend so much time every day figuring out what's for dinner.  Do you meal plan for the week?  

Speaking of meal planning, we fixed a teriyaki salmon sheet pan recipe on Saturday that was delicious!  The recipe was from Delicious Little Bites.  Yum!  If you're not a salmon fan, you could easily swap it out for chicken.  Hmmmmm, maybe I'll do that next week.

Saturday night we watched Nomadland.  It was nominated and actually ended up winning, the Golden Globes Best Motion Picture, Drama.  We both really disliked it.  I almost said hated it, but I didn't dislike it quite that much.  Have you seen it?  Did I just miss something??

We got a ton of rain over the weekend but managed to sneak in a walk outside Sunday morning.  Signs of spring are popping up everywhere and I'm here for it!  

I baked a loaf of sourdough that I had let rise overnight.  I'm not sure what it is about making this stuff, but I always have such a sense of accomplishment when I pull a loaf out of the oven.  I even got my dad hooked making sourdough!

Eric and I worked outside a bit before the rain came again.  The outside of our house is decked out for St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday night I was cozied up on the couch watching the Golden Globes when we opened one of our Girl Scout cookie boxes.  Didn't really feel like a "go-getter" just then but my cookie reminded me that I was!  :)

Have a great week welcoming March!  


  1. I haven't seen Nomadland but I did read the book. The book gutted me to read how some of these people are living in retirement or even fresh out of college! I didn't know it had been turned into a movie.

  2. I just started watching Nomadland and I have to say if I hadn't read the book I feel like I would be totally lost on what was going on. I HIGHLY recommend the book though!!

  3. Glad to see that Joanne recommends the book Nomadland. I didn't realize there was a book. We have been wanting to see the movie. Now I wonder if I should read the book first. Or skip them both? Decisions, decisions.

    I love your St. Patrick's Day decor. You are really all decked out. I love the green of this holiday. My favorite color. Did you put together a tiered tray? Your tiered trays are the best!!