Penny's Passion: Weekending - April 23, 2021

Monday, April 26, 2021

Weekending - April 23, 2021

Monday.  Why does it seem Monday always rolls around so quickly?  It seems like the time from Friday when I get off work to when I'm driving in on Monday morning is a total of 24 minutes.  This seems to be the case even on weekends like this past one where I really didn't have a lot going on.  Here's the breakdown from our weekend ~

Friday night is a blur.  As I sit here typing, I cannot for the life of me remember what we did on Friday night.  I think it involved us sitting on the couch and me reading a book.  We got a new cabinet for the garage that needed assembling and Eric had the 73873847 pieces spread out all over the family room floor.  I was trying to be the good wife and not say too much about the fact that the pieces were driving me crazy because, in all reality, they weren't hurting a thing.  I'm happy to report that by the end of the day on Sunday, the cabinet was completely put together and proudly standing in our garage.

The weatherman totally nailed their forecast on Saturday.  They said we could get showers and Mother Nature made sure they were right.  The good side to the rain is getting to wear my favorite rain boots.  If you don't have a pair of rain boots you love, do yourself a favor and invest in some.  It makes rainy days a whole lot better!  It's so gratifying to stomp right through those puddles instead of walking around them.

I was on a mission Saturday to find new dishes to use outside on our patio.  You see, I have this vision of eating al fresco under the lights on our outdoor patio.  I've convinced myself that having the perfect plates will make the entire experience magical.  There will be no bugs.  The temperature will be perfect.  My friends and I will be sitting around eating fabulous tapas (on my new plates of course) throwing our heads back in laughter.  As I tromped around from store to store looking for said perfect plates, my hope for finding them fell like the rain outside.  After exhausting all my favorite finding places, I went home and searched through Amazon.  Found the perfect ones and they are arriving on my porch today.  

Sunday was all about the wedding invitations I needed to get completed so I could deliver them on Monday morning.  I finished listening to Dirt by Mary Marantz as I was meticulously cutting the elements of the invitations.  Now I'm thinking I want to get a hard copy of the book because there were so many great quotes!  Mary's passages are beautifully written.  Here's a summary from Amazon ~
Dirt is a story about the places where we start. From a single-wide trailer in the mountains of rural West Virginia to the halls of Yale Law School, Mary Marantz's story is one of remembering our roots while turning our faces to the sky. From growing up in that trailer, where it rained just as hard inside as out and the smell of mildew hung thick in the air, Mary has known what it is to feel broken and disqualified because of the muddy scars leaving smudged fingerprints across our lives. Generations of her family lived and logged in those hauntingly treacherous woods, risking life and limb just to barely scrape by. And yet that very struggle became the redemption song God used to write a life she never dreamed of.

Mixed with warmth, wit, and the bittersweet, sometimes achingly heartbreaking places we go when we dig in instead of give up, Dirt is a story of healing. With gut-wrenching honesty and hard-won wisdom, Mary shares her story for anyone who has ever walked into the world and felt like their scars were still on display, showing that you are braver, better, and more empathetic for what you have survived. Because God does his best work in the muddy, messy, and broken--if we'll only learn to dig in.

Later in the evening, my friend Linda and I hopped on a Zoom so we could watch the Oscars together.  I was still sitting at my kitchen table working on the invitations with the TV on in the background.  We watched the lackluster award show from the beginning to the end.  Not a lot of exciting things came out of the show in my opinion, but it was fun watching with a friend and it was good seeing people getting back to something normal.  

This is a busy work week for me and it's wedding workday at my house on Sunday for the June bride I'm working with.  Crossing my fingers I hold it all together and make it through the week!  


  1. I totally feel you on the pieces of the cabinet. Glad Eric eventually put it together though.

    Dirt sounds like such an interesting book.

  2. You do know you live in Missouri right (in reference to the no bugs on the patio, haha!)