Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - July 30, 2021

Friday, July 30, 2021

Five on Friday - July 30, 2021

Happy Friday friends!  We have had an absolute blast with our five-year-old niece and nephew this week!  We drove to their house on Tuesday night, scooped them up and they have been at our house ever since.  We have had super-hot temperatures outside, but they have been troopers with all our outdoor plans.  My five today is larger focused on things for the kiddos ~

1.  Jungle Cruise
Thank you Disney for releasing a movie the same week we have little ones visiting!  It will be a perfect activity for us to do!  Jungle Cruise releases today and we are planning on catching it before we deliver the kids back home on Sunday.  Here's the summary from Disney ~
Join fan favorites Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt for the adventure of a lifetime on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, a rollicking thrill-ride down the Amazon with wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff and intrepid researcher Dr. Lily Houghton. Lily travels from London, England to the Amazon jungle and enlists Frank’s questionable services to guide her downriver on La Quila—his ramshackle-but-charming boat. Lily is determined to uncover an ancient tree with unparalleled healing abilities—possessing the power to change the future of medicine. Thrust on this epic quest together, the unlikely duo encounters innumerable dangers and supernatural forces, all lurking in the deceptive beauty of the lush rainforest. But as the secrets of the lost tree unfold, the stakes reach even higher for Lily and Frank and their fate—and mankind’s—hangs in the balance.

These alphabet cutters may be popular for all the fondant fans, but I've been using them this week to cut the kid's names out of cheese.  They love it!  It's a fun way to learn letters and spelling.  The cutters will work on anything that is rolled to a thickness less than 5mm.  I just might try tiny cookies next!

I wanted to make sure to have plenty of hair bows on hand for our niece's visit, so I ordered this set of 40 in a rainbow of colors.  The package contains two each of twenty colors.  Each bow is attached to an alligator clip and all the ends have been heat-sealed so they won't fray.  They've worked great this week for the ponytails my niece has been sporting.

4.  Fish Food
I don't know why I haven't done this before, but we picked up a bag of pond pellets at Walmart to feed the fish in the ponds in our neighborhood.  We fill a cup for each kid and walk to the pond after dinner.  They get such a kick out of seeing the fish swarm to the food!  I've learned that feeding fish bread isn't good for them because it contains gluten and yeast, things fish can't digest.  Fun, inexpensive activity!
5.  Time has changed things at the Olympics...

We have a couple more days of fun with the kids, then we'll be delivering them back to their parents.  Eric and I might need a vacation after this week!  Pop in next week for the recap!


  1. I think the Jungle Cruise looks so good! Sounds like you are having so much fun.

  2. Enjoy your time with your niece and nephew! Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned! Have a great weekend!

  3. I heard Jungle cruise was good! Time with the littles makes everyone's heart smile :)