Penny's Passion: Thoughts on Thursday -- Christmas Deadlines

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday -- Christmas Deadlines

It's no secret that Christmas is headed our way -- and it seems to be approaching at the speed of a race car!  Thought I'd share with you some shipping deadlines so you can stay on top of your game.

1.  Mailing Stuff by USPS
The United States Postal Service has issued the below shipping deadlines.  (Sorry if you missed the International dates.)

Dec. 2   – First-Class Mail International

Dec. 2   – Priority Mail International
Dec. 10 – Priority Mail Express International
Dec. 15 – Standard Post
Dec. 17 – Global Express Guaranteed
Dec. 20 – First-Class Mail
Dec. 20 – Priority Mail
Dec. 23 – Priority Mail Express*

2.  Sending Stuff via Federal Express
For shipping within the U.S.:
Dec. 12 – Last day to ship via FedEx SmartPost
Dec. 17 – Last day to ship via FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground
Dec. 20 – Last day to ship via FedEx Express Saver
Dec. 22 – Last day to ship via FedEx 2Day and FedEx 2Day A.M.
Dec. 23 – Last day to ship via FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, and 
                FedEx First Overnight
Dec. 25 – Last day to ship via FedEx SameDay

Shipping deadlines for packages headed to Puerto Rico and Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations vary. See FedEx's Last Days to Ship site for more information.

3.  Get it there using United Parcel Service
For shipping within the U.S.:
Dec. 22  Last day to ship via UPS 2nd Day Air
Dec. 23 – Last day to ship via UPS Next Day Air

Hey -- just a heads up on something else -- St. Nicholas Day is this Saturday, December 6. This is when the kiddos sit their shoes out the night before and St. Nicholas puts a little something in them overnight.   

Good luck meeting your deadlines!  

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  1. Good to know. My shopping is done and my presents that needed to be shipped we done last week :)

  2. This is such a useful post, it's good to know these mailing dates. When I was a snail mailer I used to always be rushing to get things sent in time for the last mailing day before Christmas.

  3. I cannot believe how fast time is going and how close Christmas is upon us - I do not even have my tree up yet! Yikes! What a great list of useful dates, i need to mail out my packages ASAP!

  4. These are all great facts to know, thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much for posting these dates! I seem to overlook checking into them for my Ebay account and you have just given me the reminder I needed!

  6. That is such a great guideline to follow. I am always shipping things last minute!

  7. I have a little print out of this by my desk! I'm shipping a lot of my friends Christmas presents this year and I have to stay on track of the deadlines. I'm be so sad if their gifts didn't get there on time, luckily I have everything all wrapped up and ready to ship <3

  8. This is awesome! I am pinning this and printing it out!

  9. I actually being quite laid back about posting but now it looks like I need to go do my posting asap

  10. Christmas always creeps up so fast that I'm always so close to missing the deadlines. Thanks for sharing!

  11. It's so helpful to know these dates! By the time I see them on the news, it's already too late!

  12. It's nice that they issued the deadline early. People can plan their mails and parcels earlier too to be in time for the holidays.

  13. i hate deadlines. christmas deadlines. work deadlines. i hate any deadline.

  14. Great post. I'll have to do one of these for the Canadian dates. You're in the States right? For all I know, they are the same.

  15. Informative post. I have never heard of St Nicholas Day but of course my kids are eager to participate :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. So good to know. Thanks for sharing. This will really come in handy.