Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - December 19, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Five on Friday - December 19, 2014

Here we are -- the last Friday before Christmas.  Next week will be full of the "getting ready" tasks we all have before us.  Hope you find some of my Five on Friday ideas helpful!

1.  Candy Canes
Candy canes are so fun to use for lots of things at Christmas time.  Put two of them together and they make adorable Valentines things too!  But you won't be able to purchase these babies in February, so stock up now.

2.  Lip Shine
The weather is getting colder and it's hard to keep your lips from getting chapped.  I'm in love with this lip shine from Bath and Body.  For many of us, Bath and Body is our go-to store for lotion and soaps, so while you're in their store check out the lip shine.  The cinnamint flavor add a little tingle to this non-sticky gloss.  Great stocking stuffer!


3.  Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Want a super easy, delicious appetizer?  Pour some of this over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers.  It's just that easy.  I keep a jar handy because it's the easiest thing in the world to whip up whenever you need a fast appetizer or snack (and this time of year that could be at any minute).  You'll love it!!


4.  December Giveaway
In case you missed it earlier this week....
I'm not exactly sure what could be better than a big ol' giveaway to start off the week.
Especially right before Christmas.

Amy | Libby | Hannah
Bailey | Erica | Penny | Sydney 

Not only do you have the chance to win $170 via paypal,
{aka, super speedy payday}
but you can also win a darling 5x7 print:

AND as if that's not already enough... there's more.
Size 6-12 month Hello Moccs.
Best giveaway ever?
I think so.
It might just be your best Christmas yet.

Aren't those gals up above all lovely?
Show them some serious love.
And don't wait any longer.
Get entered in this awesome giveaway now!

5.  Gingerbread House
If you start running behind this holiday season and really, really, really want to make a gingerbread house -- try this!

Enjoy the last weekend before Christmas!  It's going to take some effort, but I'm going to give it my best shot to take some time to just breath this weekend and not get too stressed out.  Wish me luck!  I'll be hoping for the same thing for you.  :)

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  1. Love the idea of using candy canes for V-day too! Why do I never think of these things. And oh my goodness....I'm thinking that's my kind of gingerbread house. Too funny.

  2. I love your idea of a gingerbread house. It looks a lot easier to make.

  3. THe gingerbread house made me giggle, haha. The candy canes for Vday are a great idea! and that raspberry chipotle sauce looks amazing. yummm...

  4. Love those candy canes! Super cute. I used to have like 2 or 3 tubes of that lip shine. I loved it.

  5. Ohh, candy canes. Definitely missing them over here in Sweden where I haven't found any! Hopefully will find some soon :) Happy holidays!

  6. I love the giveaway. You can never have enough money for this time of year.

  7. What great items. Those Hello Moccs are so stinkin cute, I know of several that have little ones in that age range that would love them for their kids.

  8. ooh i really want to try the roasted raspberry chipotle sauce. :) & that's probably the only kind of ginger bread house i'll be making this year.

  9. Fun display of different and what seem unique fun things! Thank you I'll be checking it out!

  10. The ginger bread house is super cute! I love that idea.

  11. Those are some great ideas. I think I am going to attempt those candy canes.

  12. Hahaha!!! I think I'll be making that gingerbread house this weekend!

  13. I love candy cane and gingerbread :) So festive!

  14. I love this so much. I laughed so hard at the gingerbread house. Epic.

  15. hahaha love the simplified version of gingerbread lol, those giveaways look super awesome and i could so do with some candy cane

  16. Hahaha your gingerbread house!! Way too funny!!! Love ittt

  17. I LOVE those Candy Canes! I'm going to have to try something like that now :)

  18. Those candy cane hearts are too cute! I like the gingerbread house too! lol Great stuff!

  19. Sounds like a great giveaway indeed. I love the heart candy cane and the ginger bread house. lol. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Lol! Love that gingerbread house! This is too funny! Love the candy canes!

  21. Those candy cane lollies are adorable! Love the look off the moccs too, so adorable :)