Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  So glad you popped in to visit me and Vanessa from X-tremely V!

So today I'm thinking out loud about Mother's Day.  It's coming guys -- at freight train speed.  We're looking at it being 10 days away.  Have you picked out your Mother's Day gift yet?  Well, today I have some ideas for you.

Check out these shoes from Row One.  If your mom is a sports fan, these would make a great addition to her shoe rack.  They come in oodles of teams, both collegiate and MLB.  (They would also be adorable for your graduate too if you're looking for a graduation gift.)  I just added a Cardinal pair to my closet and can't wait to bust them out for the next game I go to.  Love them!

I love giving (and getting) gift cards, but I like to have a little something to go with them.  Here's a few ideas you could put together.

Every mom I know loves massages.  If you're giving a spa gift card, you might want to pair it with one of these amazing lavender eye pillows.  I had one of these in each of the goody bags for my friends weekend and everyone LOVED them!  You can get a set of four for a magnificent price.  Then you could have one for you and three other people on your gift-giving list.

Is your mom a movie fan?  Gift cards to your local theater are wonderful -- especially if you plan an outing with the recipient.  Movie gift cards could be paired with a book for a movie that is coming out soon.  Here are a few books that the movie will be hitting the screen in 2016. (If you want to purchase the book, just click on the title below the book.)

Movie coming out June 3

Movie coming out October 7

Movie coming out October 14

Looking for a nice subscription to give?  I would highly recommend Birchbox.  Depending on the subscription length you select, this gift just keeps on giving.  It's like getting a gift once a month for however long you pick.  I know I look forward to getting mine each month and can't wait to try the goodies inside.

Are you all set for Mother's Day?  Do you have a gift you love to give?  

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  1. So many good movies coming out. I loved the book my Jo Jo and can't wait to see that one. Won't wait for a gift card for it either. It will be my gift to myself. Here' wishing you a wonderful pre-Mother's Day!

  2. I cannot wait for some of those movies! Loved Jo Jo and The Girl on the Train! Cannot wait! I agree on giving yourself a gift on Mother's Day! xxx

  3. I bet those eye pillows are amazing! At the hot yoga studio I go to, they put cool lavender cloths on your forehead/eyes during savanna and OH MY, I swear it's the best thing ever! haha

  4. I haven't read Inferno yet but I've read the other two! Great idea!

  5. I'm always at a loss of what to get for my mother because it always, without a doubt, falls just before she's set to leave for a 2 week trip to Barbados (not too shabby, eh?). What to get for a woman that doesn't need anything or has everything she wants and needs. I'm hoping that we can do our yearly tradition of going alpaca sheering but we shall see. That's always a fun day. :)

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