Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - May 20, 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Five on Friday - May 20, 2016

Hey, hey guys!!  It's Friday.  This week zipped by and I'm not going to lie, I could really use an extra day this week.  But who doesn't love a weekend?!?  I'm looking forward to making the most of it!  

Here's my five for this week ~

1.  Lean In for Graduates
Did you see my blog post yesterday about the commencement speech Sheryl Sandberg delivered?  You can read it HERE.  Well, Sheryl wrote a book and I'm thinking it would make a wonderful graduation gift for all those seniors out there.  The best seller offers advice on finding and getting the most out of a first job, resume writing, best interviewing practices, negotiating your salary and listening to your inner voice.  What is buy a copy?  Click HERE to get yours.

2.  Wearable Nail Polish Holder
Where has this gadget been all my life?!?  Have you guys seen these before?  Called a tweexy, this baby hooks on your fingers and holds your nail polish bottle.  It makes it possible to do your nails ANYWHERE, even if you don't have a surface to set the bottle on.  It's going on my wish list.  Click HERE for more info.  I've even attached a little video so you can see it in action.

3.  Money Monster
Wednesday night Eric and I had a date night.  We headed to see Money Monster with George Clooney and Julia Roberts.  Even though the reviews I've seen are mixed, we both thought it was a good watch.  There was suspense, humor, intrigue.  I agree with the critics consensus, "Money Monster's strong cast and solidly written story ride a timely wave of socioeconomic anger that's powerful enough to overcome an occasionally muddled approach to its worthy themes.".  Funny side story -- Eric and I were the ONLY people in the entire theater.  Even though it was just the two of us, I still found myself whispering when I talked to Eric during the show.  


4.  KidSmart
Last night I attended a fundraiser for KidSmart and I want to give this wonderful organization a shout out.  KidSmart's mission is to ensure that children and their classrooms in the Greater Metropolitan Saint Louis Area have the basic tools for learning by transferring, at no cost, the community's surplus supplies and merchandise into the hands of teachers for school children in need.  Since opening in 2002, KidSmart has distributed more than $27 million in school supplies to more than 102,100 economically disadvantaged children in the area. There are still more than 90,000 students in desperate need of KidSmart services. KidSmart is proud of its financial stewardship. 92% of all product and monetary donations go directly toward our free store program.  For more info on how you could help, please HERE.

5.  For some weird reason, I find this so darn funny.....


Have a great weekend!  I have a wedding work day tomorrow with the bride and some of her wedding party.  We have one week to get things in order and we can do it!  My friend TW is coming down from Wisconsin on Wednesday to help finish things up.  It's going to be one fun, full week!  Wish me luck!  

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  1. The nailpolish holder looks amazing!

  2. That nail polish holder is awesome. Whoever came up with that is genius!!

  3. That movie looks fantastic, at the very least a great cast!

    That nail polish holder thingymabob is GENIUS. I sometime knock bottles over in my ever-present state of feeling rushed. MUST look for one.

    Have a great weekend Miss Penny! :)

  4. Can't wait to see that movie! I love seeing those 2 together!
    And I have seen those nail polish holders at the store and actually contemplated getting one! happy weekend

  5. Oh my goodness - the nail polish holder!! I can't tell you how many times I've tried painting my nails with the bottle between my knees. This would be a life saver!! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  6. That wearable nail polish holder is genius!! I need to get one!

  7. My spinning instructor made a comment one time that someone tried to paint their nails during class because they had something afterwards and they forgot. That holder reminded me of that, haha!

  8. This nail polish gadget might take away my excuses. I'm not sure if I should love or hate that! Either way, I should get one!

  9. OK, I totally need that nail polish holder! Except I'd probably forget I was wearing it and dump the nail polish