Penny's Passion: Weekending - April 29, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekending - April 29, 2016

Oh my -- it's Tuesday night and I'm just now sitting down to write my weekend recap.  That must mean I had a really good time!!  I have so many cool things to tell you about.

I'm going to start with Thursday (almost the weekend, right?).  Thursday night a wonderful blogger gal in St. Louis, Jill Firns from Stillettos On Sunday Morning, invited some other bloggers over to Clementine Creamery for a little happy hour.  If you haven't visited Clementine's, you should really stop in their adorable shop in Lafayette Square and taste their creamery creations.  The happy hour was to kick off a new dessert, the Orange Dream.  With each sale of this dessert during the month of May, a portion of the proceeds will be given to Revive Thrift Shop to support the shop's programs.  Revive Thrift Shop is part of Mission St. Louis - a non-profit company that empowers people in St. Louis through various programs to break the cycle of poverty.  Eating ice cream for a good cause - sign me up!

Picture taken by the talented Abigail Gillardi
Friday night I raced home to mow the grass because they were calling for rain over the weekend.  Eric fertilized earlier in the week and I think you could literally see the grass blades growing by the minute.  #lovegreengrass

The weather people were not wrong about the rain.  Saturday morning we woke to cloudy skies and rain.  We had plans to go to the Vintage Market Days and I was determined that a little rain was not going to mess up our plans.  I was silently rethinking that idea as we headed into St. Louis and had this view out the window.

Thank goodness we got a bit of a break in the rain coming down and made it through all the vendors.  The threat of rain kept us focused and moving pretty quick.  There was mud, but overall it could have been a lot worse.  

It felt like a soup kind of day so when we left the market, we headed over to LaBonne Bouchee for some French onion soup.  YUM!!  Plus I wanted to pick up some macaroons for the gender reveal party I hosted Monday night.  

Saturday evening I attended the bachelorette party for my friend Amanda. Fun times! After dinner at Seven, we headed over to Sips and Splatters.

I can't lie, these painting parties kind of freak me out. I'm not a talented painter. Pair that with my perfectionist personality and it makes for some tension on my insides. This experience was a bit different than my previous paint party trip. We could all choose our own picture and upon arrival, the outline of the painting was already marked on the canvas. So it turned into a kind of paint by number situation.

 When you got the basic painting finished, you handed it off to the helper who took it over to the "splatter table" and worked some kind of magic.

We all walked away with masterpieces!  Thanks Mr. Helper!

Sunday was prep day for a gender reveal party I hosted on Monday night. These poppers housed the answer to the big question - he or she. They were super easy to put together and worked like a charm! I'll be doing a complete breakdown of the party on Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday, hope you join us for Thinking Out Loud Thursday and link up.  Until then, hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. You take the cutest pictures! I love your post. Have a great week!
    Blessed Messes

  2. You certainly lead a busy life! I love your photos and since I've never been to St. Louis I love them even more! Hello from the Women in Midlife group.

  3. wow! Looks like you had a super fun weekend, the paintings look beautiful!

  4. I love this wrap up full of clever ideas and spotlighting cool things in your community! I must admit I haven't read your blog before; but I'm sure going to be a follower now!
    Such a joyful, interesting piece with great photos! Well done, Penny!

  5. What a fun weekend you had! I haven't been to St. Louis before, but that French Onion soup looks yummy enough to make a special trip for it! Thanks for sharing Penny. I'll have to stop back on Thursday to learn more about your link up party.

  6. That painting party looks like a blast Penny!! Too much fun if you ask me, right up my ally.

  7. I can't wait to see how those poppers worked - I've never known how to make my own!

  8. What a fun post - looks like you had such a wonderful time! Love all your pics! They are so full of happiness! xxx

  9. The past couple of weeks have been busy for you, Penny!
    That painting party looks like it was so much fun and that French onion soup... MY FAVE! I'm salivating over here. :)

  10. I need more social outlets... Perhaps I should move to your neighbourhood. Sounds like fun!