Penny's Passion: Show Me Your Christmas Tree - St. Louis!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Show Me Your Christmas Tree - St. Louis!

Happy Thursday!  A few weeks ago, my friend Terri from Our Good Life blog reached out to some of us to see if we wanted to participate in a "Show Me Your Christmas Tree" link up.  I immediately jumped on the chance to play along!  If I were to list all the things in this world that I loved, Christmas trees would be near the top.

We have five full size Christmas trees in our house.  (See, I told you I loved trees.)  Now, I have to be honest ~ Eric and I decorated zero of them.  Our good friend, Carol, is an excellent floral and interior designer.  She comes to our house on the Monday after Thanksgiving while we are working and when we return that evening, our house has magically been transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  Best money we spend on Christmas!  If you live in the area and are interested in her doing your decorating, message me and I'll hook the two of you up.  It is remarkable how much stress it took off our marriage when we started having Carol do our decorating.  Eric and I would be fighting tense with each other practically as soon as the tree box opened.  Now we can just come home and smile at each other as we turn on the lights and sit in front of the tree with a cup of apple cider.

Want to see the trees Carol put together for us this year?  Let's start in the family room.  This year we went with a woodland theme.

We have a skinny tree in the study.  It's the perfect size tree for the space available in that room.

The tree in the kitchen has a baking theme.  Little gingerbread girls and wood utensils adorn the branches.  On top is a baker overseeing all the action.

One of the many things Carol does that adds a special touch to the tree is removing the top of the ornament and sticking it straight on the end of the branch.  This adds a dimension to the tree you just don't get if you hang all the ornaments deeper on the branches.

The tree in the dining room is decorated with the same color scheme as the walls - a light coral.  We enjoy sitting in the dining room when we have guests over and the tree adds to the festiveness.

To round out my tour of trees is the one in our bedroom.  I love laying in bed at night with all the lights out except the Christmas tree.  This is the tree that holds all the special ornaments we have acquired over the years like Ian's first Christmas ornament, an ornament given to me by my friend Jenny to celebrate our first year of marriage, and a special blogging ornament from my friend Tracy.

Thanks for popping in to see our trees.  Do you have your tree decorated yet?  Don't forget to pop in to the blogs link below to see their trees.  You just might get some ideas for your tree!


  1. 5 trees?!?! Wow!! Once our basement is a basement again, next year we will have 2, maybe 2.5 if I use the small one in another room but I doubt I'll ever get to 5.

  2. Oh my gosh! Your "you should read my blog" ornament takes all!

  3. You have 5 Christmas trees?! Wow! We have one in our family room and a smaller one in Leonie's room . her own little tree! But we don't put it up that early. Here in Germany we normally wait till Christmas, but we always put ours up about 2 weeks prior. Love your ornaments on your bedroom tree!

  4. Oh my gosh SO many beautiful trees! I love how you really went for it and fully decorated!

    La Belle Sirene 

  5. Those trees are SO pretty! I want to convince my hubs we need another one haha

  6. Oh my goodness ... your trees are beautiful! And what a fabulous way to get them decorated without all the stress!

    Happy to be part of the Christmas tree tour with you!

    ~Kimberly, Rhubarb and Honey

  7. How fun that you come home from work and it's all done! It took me forever to get our tress up this year and I still have one more to do, hopefully on Friday...

  8. They're all so pretty, but I think the kitchen one is my favorite. I love the blogging ornament, too! This Christmas tree tour has been a lot of fun!

  9. Aww, now you're putting me to shame!! Your tree is gorgeous and we don't even have ours up yet! Thanks for the inspiration!