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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stop and Shop Saturday

About this time of year, I have the majority of my Christmas shopping complete.  All the "low lying fruit" (presents for people I know what I'm getting) has been picked and now I'm searching for those unique gifts for the harder people on my list.  You know the ones.

One of my go to stores for these types of presents is UncommonGoods.  Have you seen their stuff?  There are so many things to choose from you will have no problem whatsoever finishing your shopping list and checking it twice!  Not to mention everyone will be LOVING their presents!  Here are a few items I would love Santa to drop under my tree ~

Ticket Stub Diary - $12
Do you have a concert or theater lover in your mist?  Check out this Ticket Stub Diary!  What a great way to preserve those tickets and memories from sporting events, movies, concerts -- you name it, any type of ticket.  I'm thinking this would also pair nicely if you are giving someone event tickets for Christmas.  Just tuck them in the first page for an added surprise when the recipient opens the book.  There is even a place to jot down your favorite memory from the event.

Inside this recycled steel tin are seeds that when planted will grow into your very own Scotch pine Christmas tree!  Wouldn't this be perfect for that person who just moved into their first home or the gardener in your life?!?  Or what about in your child or grandchild's stocking.  In the spring you can plant it together and watch it grow.  How precious!
I would be hopping out of bed everyday excited to start my day if I had one of these aromatherapy shower kits hanging in my shower!  It turns your plain Jane shower into a personal spa.  The starter kit comes with three signature aromatherapy blends and refills are available.  You can change up the oil to suit your mood.  I would love one!

Need a little something to add to that bottle of wine you're gifting someone?  How about these wine pearls!  They keep your wine at just the right temperature without diluting like regular ice cubes would.  Here's a little fun fact for you that I learned from the Uncommon Goods website, "While vino aficionados wouldn't dare serve a white wine at room temperature, it's also important to give red wines the same consideration. When reds are served too warm, the alcohol tends to predominate, concealing the fruit of the wine and resulting in a loss of typicity and personality. Fortunately, when you pop a wine pearl into a room-temperature pour of red wine, you can bring it down to cellar temperature (54–64º F/12–16º C) in a matter of minutes."  See you need these for your white AND red wines!

I could go on and on with products I love, but I'll leave the browsing up to you.  Click HERE to get to the UncommonGoods website and see all their super cool stuff for yourself.  Here's some other helpful blog posts with some gift ideas:

As an added bonus when you purchase from UncommonGoods - they make it their mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers.  Half of what they sell is made by hand.  Most of the jewelry products, home decor and table top items are created right here in the good ole' USA and about a third of the entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials.  Bottom line -- flat out a good company to buy from!  Happy shopping!

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