Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday - June 8, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - June 8, 2017

It's Thursday and that means it's Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  Thanks for popping in.  Hope you link up below and share what you're thinking out loud about today.

This weekend, Eric and I decided to stay home and try to get some projects done that had been hanging over our heads for a while.  We had a list a mile long and spent Friday night running from store to store gathering supplies so we could start tackling the list the moment our eyes opened Saturday morning.  Even though we gave it our all, at the end of the weekend there were lots of things started and not many things completed.  Ever had that happen to you?

But today I'm thinking out loud about a project we DID get finished!  It literally took us less than a half hour to knock this project off and I'm loving the way it turned out.

Last fall, we had our family pictures taken by my favorite photographer, Erica Turner.  I've been wanting to do a canvas picture collage with some of our favorite images from the photo shoot since the moment Erica delivered the files to me.

I had gotten a Groupon for CanvasPeople and ordered five of my favorite pictures to complete my design.  Do you use Groupons?  Love them!

The canvases were a breeze to order and arrived at our door quickly.  The hardest part by far was trying to decide which prints I wanted to order.   I did a quick layout with brown paper on the wall to get a feel for the size and placement of the canvases.

When I told Eric I was going to hang 5 separate things on the wall, I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes.  He was envisioning me hammering nails all over the wall and making it a nightmare to cover up if we ever decide to take down the canvases.  Well, have no fear!  I used straight pins to hang the pictures.  If we do take them down, the holes are so small you would never be able to see them.  A single straight pin will hold up to 5 pounds.

To enhance the collage, we added a vinyl saying from WiseDecor.  The saying, "Love, Laughter & Family" was one of their many, many designs.  Installing these vinyl designs is so simple!  You literally just place the design where you want it to go, rub with a tool they provide with your order, and peel back the paper.  Viola!  Done!

Cross this project off the list!  Now, I just need to finish the other 3847834738!  :)

Now it's your turn.  What are you thinking out loud about today?  Link up and share your thoughts.

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  1. That looks fantastic. At least you did get something done!! And yes I feel like I have a bunch of half projects around the house, ugh, where to start.

  2. It turned out great Penny!! I love that trick with the paper. I usually just place them on the floor, but then have a hard time recreating it on the wall!! Brilliant!!

  3. Your collage is darling! I love how that turned out! I want to try something like that in my house! PS your family is beautiful.

  4. I love that family collage! It came out beautifully. I hope to have something similar when we move into our new home!

  5. I love Groupon! I always find awesome deals. Your family collage looks amazing! I would to try something like that when we move into our new home.

  6. I LOVE this. Canvases are so cool looking - and I like the vinyl quote you used. Great job. And Groupon is the best. :)


  7. Your family collage of photo's on the wall looks gorgeous! I wish we had pins like that when we hung some of our pictures...

  8. I love your photo collage! It looks so good. And what a beautiful family you have. :) It feels good to get a project done, doesn't it? xo

  9. Very nice photos. I need to do something like that.

    Just thinking that my son might receive a partial athletic scholarship to Holy Names University in Oakland.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend.

  10. What a great way to get your photo gallery hung in the right place with the right spacing!! Ha...I just run at the wall with a nail and hammer and hope for the best. I have a large canvas of my oldest granddaughter on the beach with a mermaid tail...fabric tail, not real. Now I want a canvas of my youngest granddaughter with or without a tail.

    1. P.S. Your photos are really nice. I can feel the love all the way in El Paso. And the quote is perfect.