Penny's Passion: Dear Jane

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dear Jane

My dear friend Jane,

Today marks two years since I sat in church and got the chilling phone call from your sister letting me know you had joined the angels in heaven that morning.  Two years.  In a way it seems like only yesterday and in other ways it seems a lifetime ago.

Through your death, you taught me so much about living.  I no longer take for granted that there will always be a tomorrow.  I feel a sense of urgency to look at my bucket list and get things checked off.  Far too many people wait around their whole lives to do even the simplest of things and then suddenly it's too late.  I've learned to seize the moments and make things happen.  Thank you for that. 

Thank you, too, for all the memories we shared together.  The road trips, baseball games and concerts.  It's hard for me to realize that there will be no more pictures of us laughing and being silly, but makes me treasure the ones we have even more. 

Your family donated a bench in your honor to be placed at work.  Debbie and I have enjoyed wine while sitting there listening to Bon Jovi.  The deer and turkey roam by it adding to the tranquil atmosphere of it's location.  Today there's a thin layer of snow on the seat -- so appropriate since snow was one of your favorite things.

I wish I had told you how much your friendship meant to me while you were here on earth with us.  Yet another lesson you have taught me -- tell people how much you appreciate them.  As my pastor reminds us frequently, you are fine - no, better than fine, you are GREAT - in heaven.  It's just us left here on earth that are sad you're not here too.  I imagine you among the angels holding your dog Molly with your sister Jill by your side smiling down on us.  Probably with an occasional eye roll! 

You are thought of daily and we miss you Jane.  Until we meet again...


  1. What a lovely tribute to your friend, I am sorry that you lost her two years ago, she sounds like she was a great person.

  2. Beautiful, so hard to lose a friend. But remembering her is a tribute to both of you.

  3. It's so sad to lose a friend so early in her life, but it sounds like she was a wonderful and inspring person.

  4. Such a sweet tribute to your dear friend. I know it has been years, but I am so sorry for your loss. That pain never really goes away.

  5. I feel pretty certain Jane knows how much you cared for her and how you remember her now. Beautiful post.

  6. What a beautiful letter. I'm so sorry for your loss, but being able to sit on the bench dedicated to her is so lovely.