Penny's Passion: Spring Nail Polish Swap

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Spring Nail Polish Swap

A few weeks ago, I read on Johannah's blog  that she and some other bloggers were hosting a Spring Nail Polish Swap.  What a splendid way to usher in Spring!  I signed up immediately and waited patiently for my match to be disclosed.

The email came a few days later unveiling my match as Lindsay from Lindsay's Sweet World.  Half the fun in doing swaps is getting to know your swap mate.  I had read Lindsay's blog on occasion and had so much fun going back, reading past posts and getting to know her a little bit more.  

We exchanges a couple emails and found out a few more details about each other.  Then my fun began finding things to put in the box I was sending off to Lindsay.  You'll have to click over to her blog (Lindsay's Sweet World) to see what her surprises were.  Teaser:  One of the things I sent Lindsay will be on my Five on Friday this week!

Meanwhile, my package arrived and it was a happy day when I ripped into it to see what was inside.  I loved what Lindsay's sent my way!  Two beautiful spring colored nail polishes and a couple emery boards, along with a sweet note, were nestled inside my package.

The two shades of the OPI polish gifted to me were Charged Up Cherry and Passion.  I'm modeling the Charged Up Cherry below.

Thanks, Lindsay, for the marvelous package and being a fun swap partner!  It was great getting to know you!  And a huge thanks to Lindsay and the other bloggers for hosting this fun exchange.

See what others received in their swap boxes by going to one of the hosts blogs.


  1. How fun!? Loving that Charged Up Cherry color, it is beautiful :)

  2. Those are beautiful colors! I have those same nail files; seems like I can never have enough nail files.

  3. Ooh that charged up cherry looks really awesome! Nothing like fun, bright polish to say "welcome summer!"


  4. I love that color on you! I'm so glad that you loved everything! Thank you again for my gifts... you truly went above and beyond and I'm so thankful for each and every thing! I'll be posting my reveal tomorrow and I can't wait to share it with everyone!

  5. They are lovely colours! I wish I could have participated but it was only open to US residents - sob! I LOVED the package you sent to Lindsay - it was so pretty and thoughtful - such a beautifully put together gift - it brought me right over to your blog! A great way to find a new blogger. Joanne x

  6. Such pretty colors for summer! I love swaps and this one was really fun.

  7. Beautiful colors for spring and summer. Thank you so much for participating in our nail polish swap!

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