Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - May 31, 2019

Friday, May 31, 2019

Five on Friday - May 31, 2019

Happy Friday!  When I typed the date for this post, it kind of stopped my heart for a second.  How can it be May 31 already?!?  June starts tomorrow!  Man, time really does fly when you're having fun.  Speaking of fun, check out the five fun things I'm sharing today ~

1.  The Upside Down Lego Set
If you are a lover of Stranger Things and Legos, your two worlds will meet tomorrow when the new Lego set titled The Upside Down becomes available.  It carries a price tag of $199 and has over 2,200 pieces.  Here's the description from Lego ~
Fans of the global hit Netflix original series will appreciate the authentic details of this highly collectible LEGO® Stranger Things toy – 75810 The Upside Down. This sturdy, brick-built model can flip between the real world and The Upside Down. The design of the model's building instructions makes it a great shared building experience with friends and family. The Byers' house features Will's bedroom, the living room and the dining room. The Upside Down version of the house, from an alternate dimension, features all the rooms from the real-world model but with a dark, vine-covered, dilapidated look that fans will instantly recognize from the series. With 8 Stranger Things figures, each with its own accessories, this playset makes a great gift for Stranger Things fans who will love to build and display this model to show their passion for the series.

2.  Sports Beach Lounger
Okay this falls under the category of "why didn't I invent this!".  It's a beach chair that folds into a wagon!  So ingenious!!  Anyone headed to the beach this summer should check this out.  When folded into a cart, it will haul up to 100 pounds of cargo.  It has wide tread wheels and a handle to make it easy to roll across the sand.  This baby even has a pillow head rest and a 4-position adjustable back when you fold it out into a lounger.  Know any dads that would love this for Father's Day?

Available at Target HERE

3.  The Handmaid's Tale - Season 3
Mark your calendar's for June 5 (next Wednesday) if you're a watcher of The Handmaid's Tale.  Hulu will be dropping Season 3.  I can't wait to see what June and the Waterford's will be up to this season.   Some binge watching might be in my near future.

4.  Bytox - The Hangover Patch
With summer parties getting ready to begin, you might want to have this hangover patch ready just in case you over indulgence just a bit on the alcohol.   One package includes 5 individual packages.  Each is a powerful blend of vitamins and nutrients that ward off hangovers before they start.  Best part - it's all natural 100% organic formula!  Where was this stuff when I was in college?  Want to have some in your medicine chest just in case?  Click HERE to check it out.
Bytox The Hangover Patch with 12 Organic All Natural Vitamins, 5 Pack (5 Patches)

5.  This definitely happened at my house....

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Have a great weekend!  We are looking forward to watching the St. Louis Blues move closer to winning their first Stanley cup.  Such an exciting time in St. Louis!  See you next week.  I'll be sharing a "bee" party I had this week that you won't want to miss.

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  1. Im so excited for Handmaids! Might have to recap the last season to make sure Im all caught up and remember whats going on! The boys are all pumped up for summer and are bouncing off the wall, almost literally, with excitement. That quote...yeah, here too! LOL . Have a good weekend!!

  2. I may need that sport beach lounger, ha ha.

  3. Hey girl! Great post. That chaise lounge/cart is genius. Must have been invented by a single mom in Florida with a dozen kids under the age of 10. Great idea.

    Didn't know Handmaids was back. Oh, yay. Now I have something to watch while ironing.

    We tried to watch Stranger Things but didn't get into it. Maybe we need to give it another shot because that Lego set is super cool. Would play with it all day!

  4. That Stranger Things Lego set is SO COOL! Ollie would never understand it, but I want it anyway, lol. We're almost done with Handmaids season 2, just in time for the new season! That beach lounger/wagon is one of the neatest inventions I've ever seen!

  5. Where was that beach chair when my kids were younger??! It reminds me of the Holderness Music video I saw today-- "Going to the Beach"

  6. Umm..seriously that chair!! That is about dual purpose! And yes...a hangover patch would have definitely come in handy a time or two. Maybe I'll have to get these for my adult kids for their stockings this year! haha

  7. I’ve tried a number of anti-hangover remedies. I personally like the Sly Fox Hangover Patch. It also has green tea extract that perks me up. I buy them on Etsy. PS. I too really wished I had these in college!! ;-)

  8. So many cool things in your post - one, how cool is that lego set? They make such incredible sets and I'm always shocked at the price tag, but they sure do look cool when they're put together. Two, that beach chair/buggy - that is pure GENIUS!