Penny's Passion: What A Deal!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What A Deal!

When sales catalogs show up in my mailbox, rarely can I just dispose of them without flipping through the pages.  Many times, this pays off in the form of a random coupon somewhere in the flyer.  This was the case in the last mailing from Chico's.  On the pages inside was a $25 off coupon for a $25 purchase.  Basically, a free $25!  

It didn't take too long for me to beeline to my nearest Chico's to see what I could snag with my coupon!  As luck would have it, they had a beautiful pair of winter white pants on sale for $29.  You guessed it - I snagged them for a grand total of $4!!  

Even if you don't have a $25 coupon, these pants are a steal for $29.  They have the So Slimming technology that offers tummy control and are oh so comfortable to wear.  

Juliet Straight-Leg Pants

I paired them with a sweater from J.Jill and a blouse from Van Heusen.  If I'm getting ready for work or going out to lunch, this outfit is a winner!  Click HERE to see them and all the colors they come in.  


  1. Nice pants, don't you just love a deal? I have that exact Michael Kors purse. I always carry large ones that have room for my gun, never leave home without it!!

  2. Yay, Penny! Yay for great deals! Love your pants and how you styled them! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  3. Chicos is my favorite for purchasing on sale...and when I want something stunning that actually fits well. And, yes, the quality is excellent. I have pieces that are 25 years old, that I still wear! Isn't that crazy!

  4. You did well with your deal - very versatile and well cut pants, will go with so many outfits. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday Penny!