Penny's Passion: August 2021 Amazon Purchases

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

August 2021 Amazon Purchases

Is it just me or did August seems to fly by for all of us?  Today on Thinking Out Loud Thursday I'm sharing all my Amazon purchases for the month.

It was a fun month with a week of it spent at the beach with my friend Linda.  Some of my Amazon purchases made that trip even better!

Look at this cute hat!  I bought it for the beach but forgot to pack it.  So it's still in my closet waiting for its debut.  I'm going to a golf tournament this weekend.  It might just have to come with me!

I saw this baby at the beginning of summer but didn't put it in my cart until right before we were leaving.  It was super easy to use and was perfect to hang stuff on while we were sitting on the beach.  It might have been my imagination but I think it actually helped keep our umbrella in the sand.

Beach Umbrella Anchor
Do you use a beach umbrella anchor when you're at the beach?  It is a true lifesaver when you're trying to get that umbrella stuck in the sand.  We have been using an anchor for years, and on this trip, our old one broke.  I bought this before we left the beach and it was waiting at home when we returned.  It went straight in our beach tub so I'll have it on our next trip.  I'm kind of glad our old one broke because the new one is even better than our old one!

Linda and I are always talking about taking a trip to Paris together.  I thought it would be fun to have this puzzle to do at the beach.  We did get all the pieces dumped out and turned right side up.  That was as far as we got.  Guess it will be a puzzle Eric and I work on this winter!

We turned one rainy morning into a spa experience with face masks I had brought from home.  I love having these around!  They are perfect to tuck in a card or surprise someone with.  Buy them in bulk and you will also have one around when you're ready for a spa moment.

Our Harry Potter-loving daughter-in-law celebrated a birthday in August and we gifted her some fun Harry Potter items.  

The mailbox got a new look with our new magnetic mailbox cover.  It's just an easy way to dress up that plain ole box!

A friend of mine was going through something in her life that wasn't her choice.  I thought this book might help her put some things in perspective.  

To celebrate fall coming, I purchased a new work tote bag in a nice navy blue color.  I carried a pink one all summer and loved it.  I bet I'm going to love this blue one for fall too!  I know I sure love the price!

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  1. I read and reviewed The Next Right Thing--excellent and a thoughtful gift for your friend.

  2. You always find the cutest stuff! They had those pole holder things in Aruba and they seriously are life changers.