Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - May 20, 2022

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Five on Friday - May 20, 2022

Can you believe it's Friday already?  Holy smokes - this week flew by!  It's already time for Five on Friday ~

1.  Downton Abbey - A New Era
Today's an exciting day for Downton Abbey fans because their new movie is being released!  Downton Abbey - A New Era is the much-anticipated return of the family and staff we fell in love with when the show debuted in 2010.  In this movie, they go on a grand journey to the South of France to uncover the mystery of the Dowager Countess' newly inherited villa.  I can't wait to see it!  As a matter of fact, we've already bought our tickets.

2.  Taco Bell Mexican Pizza
It was a sad day in November of 2020 when Taco Bell made the call to pull the Mexican Pizza from their menu.  Well, it's time to get happy because Taco Bell is bringing it back!  As of Thursday, you should be able to once again order a Mexican Pizza.  Best decision they've made in a long time!  We will definitely be swinging by their drive-through to get one this weekend.

3.  Candy
Last weekend we binged the entire limited series of Hulu's "Candy".  Have you seen it?  Jessica Biel plays the real-life character Candy Montgomery, who was from Texas and committed an unbelievable murder in the late 1970s.  Jessica's real-life husband, Justin Timberlake, is also in it.  We didn't even recognize him.  It wasn't until the next day when I was reading some stuff about the show that I learned Justin was in it!  If you're looking for something to watch, I would recommend this one.

We are huge fans of The Office!  I can't wait to hear what Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) have to say in their new book, The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There.  This might be one I listen to because it's read by Jenna and Angela.  Here's the summary from Amazon ~
An intimate, behind-the-scenes, richly illustrated celebration of beloved The Office co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s friendship, and an insiders' view of Pam Beesly, Angela Martin, and the iconic TV show. Featuring many of their never-before-seen photos.

Receptionist Pam Beesly and accountant Angela Martin had very little in common when they toiled together at Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. But, in reality, the two bonded in their very first days on set and, over the nine seasons of the series’ run, built a friendship that transcended the show and continues to this day. Sharing everything from what it was like in the early days as the show struggled to gain traction, to walking their first red carpet—plus exclusive stories on the making of milestone episodes and how their lives changed when they became moms—The Office BFFs is full of the same warm and friendly tone Jenna and Angela have brought to their Office Ladies podcast.

5.  Happy graduation...

Have a fabulous weekend!  Our date night plans include seeing the Downton Abbey movie.  We are also going to my parents to finally celebrate Mother's Day.  See you back next week!

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  1. 3.89?! I WISH! LOL. I am excited for the new Downton movie and have been trying to finish up a few older shows I have going to I can start Candy. It sounds so intriguing.

  2. Chicago had a pop up Office thing there for awhile, you might want to look into it!