Penny's Passion: Weekending - March 24, 2023

Monday, March 27, 2023

Weekending - March 24, 2023

The first weekend of spring was pretty awesome!  This was the first weekend in I can't even remember when Eric and I didn't have something we needed to do or somewhere we needed to be.  We kicked back on Friday evening and spent the next two days enjoying our time off work.

Friday morning our flowers around the mailbox popped open.  Seeing these little signs of spring makes my heart happy!

Friday night we picked up some fish from a local church fish fry.  Fish fries are so popular in our area during Lent.  It was so yummy!  We are going to be pretty sad when Lent is over and the fish fries stop.

Saturday morning we decided to see a movie.  We rejoined Movie Pass when they started up again and used our points for the first time.  While it seems the majority of movie goers were seeing the new John Wick film, we chose to see A Good Person starring Morgan Freeman.  See it!  We both thought it was great.  Here's the synopsis ~
In A Good Person, Allison (Florence Pugh) is a young woman with a bright future - a wonderful fiancé, a blossoming career, and supportive family and friends. But her world crumbles in the blink of an eye when she survives an unimaginable tragedy and emerges from recovery with an opioid addiction and unresolved grief. In the following years, it is the unlikely friendship she forms with her would-be father-in-law (Morgan Freeman) that gives her a fighting chance to put herself back together and move forward with her life.

After the movie, we went to one of our favorite barbeque places Beast Craft BBQ for a late lunch.  The owner, David Sandusky, has been on The Food Network several times and has even beaten Bobby Flay on his show Beat Bobby Flay!  We shared their 30-ounce pork steak and two fabulous sides of Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.  

Saturday evening we cheered on our new St. Louis City soccer team from the comfort of our home.  They are doing so well and it's so fun to have a new team to cheer for.  Hopefully, we can make it to a game in person sometime soon.  

We headed to church early on Sunday because our son and daughter-in-law were coming over for brunch.  I've had this thing lately of buying china off of Facebook Marketplace.  Friday I snagged a beautiful set and couldn't wait to use it on Sunday!  

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday!  While Eric was getting some yard work done, I ran errands.  We also managed to watch a bit of the NCAA games.  Our bracket is totally busted, but it was still fun to watch. We capped off the weekend by watching the Whitney Houston movie, I Want to Dance With Somebody.  We liked it mostly for the music.  So sad her life turned out like it did.

We have a St. Louis holiday this week - St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day is Thursday!  The excitement of that will keep me going through the week.  Eric and I can't wait to break out our Cardinals gear and head to the game!  Hope you have something exciting going on this week too.  

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful (and delicious!!) weekend.