Penny's Passion: 1st Annual Putt Putt Tournament

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

1st Annual Putt Putt Tournament

Last weekend we hosted our 1st (what we hope will be) Annual Putt Putt Golf Tournament.  It was so much fun to plan and play!  My good friend TW loves to play putt-putt.  You might recognize his name from being my wedding helper.  He blows into town every time I have a wedding and works his tush off!  But this trip into town was dedicated to his love of playing putt-putt golf!

The first thing I did when planning the weekend was order a medal for the winner.  This one came straight to me from Amazon.

Years ago I had ordered a turf table runner thinking I was going to do something magical with it at Easter.  As soon as I started thinking about the tournament, I knew I wanted to make the tablescape around it.  I raided Eric's golf bag for some tees and balls and it all came together.  

There is a lady near me that makes the best decorated sugar cookies so I solicited her help in making a dozen golf cookies.  I told her to use her imagination and she knocked it out of the park!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to kick off the play.  We started at Soulard Farmer's Market to show our friends a bit of St. Louis.  While there, the Bloody Marys looked too good to pass up!

From there, we were off to our first course!  We played Pirate's Crusade in South County.  The 18-hole course had several water elements and fun features.  It was a great course to kick us off!

Eric got a hole-in-one on the very first hole!  He was setting the bar high!

The hole-in-one didn't carry Eric to a victory at course one. The winner was TW! Whoever won the course had to wear the metal while playing the next course. 

After course one, it was time for lunch.  We headed to Crown Candy to show our friends a bit more St. Louis's history.  Their BLT sandwiches and milkshakes are infamous!

After lunch, it was on to course 2 at Puttshack!  We hadn't played there before and thought it was fun.  The course we played was fairly crowded and we only played 9 holes there.

Winner of course 2 was...Eric!

Course three was just up the road at Union Station.  It was a tight course with 18 holes.  Logan was crowned the winner of this course!

We had covered 45 holes of golf after course 3 and we were dragging!  After course three, we journeyed back to our house for some charcuterie and relaxed in preparation for Day 2.

Ian and Kayla joined us for breakfast on Sunday and for our last round of putt-putt.  We picked a course close to our house, Centerfield, and play began!  

Winner of course four...Ian!

The total scores were tallied and the overall winner was crowned.  And the winner of the 1st Annual Putt-Putt Tournament is...LOGAN!!

This tournament was an absolute blast! All the stars aligned - we had great weather, three of the four courses were not crowded and we all had fun.  We are definitely doing it again next year!