Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - March 29, 2024

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Five on Friday - March 29, 2024

Happy Easter Weekend!  I'm off work today and am excited to have an extra day this weekend.  Kicking off things by sharing my Five on Friday ~

1.  Summer Blizzard Menu
Dairy Queen announced its summer blizzard menu recently and on April 1 we can start ordering the new flavors!  Two of the flavors, the Frosted Animal Cookie and the Brownie Batter, are returning flavors.  New this year are the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Picnic Peach Cobbler, Ultimate Cookie, and Cotton Candy round out the summer menu.  The one that I can't wait to try is the Picnic Peach Cobbler.  Which one will you be ordering first?

2.  In the Land of Saints and Sinners
Liam Neeson's new movie, In the Land of Saints and Sinners, is released today.  I'm always up for a good Liam Neeson action film.  Hopefully, we can carve out some time to check it out this weekend.  Here's the summary ~
Ireland, 1970s. Eager to leave his dark past behind, Finbar Murphy (Liam Neeson) leads a quiet life in the remote coastal town of Glencolmcille, far from the political violence that grips the rest of the country. But when a menacing crew of terrorists arrive, led by a ruthless woman named Doirean (Kerry Condon), Finbar is drawn into an increasingly vicious game of cat and mouse, forcing him to choose between exposing his secret identity or defending his friends and neighbors.

Lisa Scottoline's new book hit the shelves on Tuesday.  It's titled The Truth About The Devlins.  You might recognize the author's name from her bestselling book What Happened to the Bennetts.  This book promises to be another pulse-pounding domestic thriller about family, justice, and the lies that tear us apart.  Here's the summary ~
TJ Devlin is the charming disappointment in the prominent Devlin family, all of whom are lawyers at their highly successful firm—except him. After a stint in prison and rehab for alcoholism, TJ can’t get hired anywhere except at the firm, in a make-work job with the title of investigator.

But one night, TJ’s world turns upside down after his older brother John confesses that he murdered one of their clients, an accountant he’d confronted with proof of embezzlement. It seems impossible coming from John, the firstborn son and Most Valuable Devlin.

TJ plunges into the investigation, seizing the chance to prove his worth and save his brother. But in no time, TJ and John find themselves entangled in a lethal web of deception and murder. TJ will fight to save his family, but what he learns might break them first.
I had been seeing these women's joggers all over Instagram and decided to order a pair before our recent trip to Washington DC.  Holy cow - they were fantastic!  So comfortable!  There's a lot of love about these pants.  Let's start with the price - it can't be beat!  The pockets lay flat and are big enough to hold your cell phone.  The waist is wide and doesn't have a drawstring.  If black isn't what you need, they come in a boatload of other colors.  I might just have to add a few more pairs to my wardrobe!

5.  Think about it...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!  See you back next week.


  1. We don't have Dairy Queen here but I wish we did. I think I would go for the Picnic Peach Cobbler. Those joggers look fantastic. I do love a pocket that is big enough to hold my phone.