Penny's Passion: Weekending - February 6, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekending - February 6, 2015

This was a great weekend!  I hate to see it come to an end.  Eric was off work and we totally had a fun, relaxing couple of days.  We kind of treated it like a mini vacation.  And the St. Louis weather could not have cooperated more!  On Saturday the high was 67 degrees and Sunday was close to that too.

In our quest to see all the Best Picture nominated files, Friday night we headed to see The Imitation Game.  Loved it!!  I can totally see why Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated for Best Actor.


Saturday I got to sleep in and it was glorious!  Now, granted "sleeping in" was waking up at 7:30 am, but for me that was two-and-a-half hours later than I normally get up.  So, yes - I slept in.  Eric was a dream guy and brought me hot tea in bed.  We had decided the night before to skip breakfast because we were going to eat a big lunch at a place we hadn't been to before -- Pappy's Smokehouse.


This place has AMAZING food!  Eric and I tried the burnt ends.  YUM!  They are known for their ribs, but I'm not a fan of eating ribs in public.  You might have heard of Pappy's before.  They have been on a couple shows from the Food Network.  If you are ever in St. Louis and like barbecue, this should be on your list of places to eat.  Be prepared for a wait (the line to get in is typically out the door) and go early (they serve until they run out and they run out daily even though they start with one ton of meat each day).  Here's a pic of my plate -- yes, that's fried corn on the cob.  DELISH!

After a little shopping, we headed to the Central West End area.  With the weather so fantastic, we couldn't stay inside.  What a better way to soak up the sun than getting a drink at The Moonshine Grill, sitting outside and people watching.

moonshine grill drinks

When the sun went down, we caught a movie at the Chase Park Plaza.  It was one of the few theaters in St. Louis still playing Birdman.  Wish I could say I liked it -- I tried to, I really did.  But not my favorite.  Anybody else share my view?

                                                             Best Picture Nominee

So far my tally for seeing the best picture nominated films is five.  Three still to cross off the list.  It looks like I'm seeing them in alpha order, but that's totally coincidental.

American Sniper
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Sunday was another beautiful day.  We tried a new church -- enjoyed it.  Then Sherri and I took a 5 mile walk.  One of my favorite things is to walk and talk with a friend!!  Now I have spring fever -- can't wait for the warm weather to get here to stay a while.

As I'm penning this post, we have the Grammy's on.  Kudos to Lady Gaga -- I just love the way she's so protective of Tony Bennett.  ACDC opening -- love it!!  I'm signing off so I can concentrate on the music.  Oh -- Eric, if you want to get me something I'll love for Valentine's Day, the Grammy 2015 Nominees soundtrack would be it.  :)

                                         2015 GRAMMY Nominees

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Pappy's look really yummy, wished I lived close by, love ribs!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend, I really enjoy the nice quiet ones myself and can you share some of that weather please we are getting hammered in NY ugh well thanks so much for sharing I can dream of warm weather =)

  3. Great weekend you had... love the mason jar, what where the drinks??. y weekend was hectic.. had a bbq wuth friends n family... hosting is fun!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. That BBQ looks amazing! I have been craving it! There's a part of me that hopes I can get some this upcoming weekend in San Antonio...otherwise I have to wait AT LEAST 2 more weeks. Only cause I'm now a BBQ snob btw not because it isn't available on every corner... #BlameItOnTexas

  5. It sounds like a fabulous weekend! Those drinks look amazing. I haven't seen ANY of those movies I might have to make a list to cross off too!

  6. Oo now I'm craving BBQ! Looks like a fab weekend! xx

  7. Drinks just look so much cuter and delicious in mason jars!

  8. I love drinking drinks out of mason jars!

  9. That Pappy's place sound delicious! I love just about everything BBQ related! Praying we get some of that Spring like weather soon :) We were in the 40's over the weekend with no snow, but today is back to flurries and single digits :(