Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - October 27, 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

Five on Friday - October 27, 2017

Hey, hey - it's Friday!!  It couldn't have gotten here fast enough for me!  I'm really looking forward to having a few days to get my house in order and chill out a bit.  Can you believe this is the last weekend in October?!?

My five today are all pretty fun!  Check them out~

1.  The Pioneer Woman Cooks Come and Get It!
Are you a fan of The Pioneer Woman?  Well, if so, Ree has a new cookbook you are probably going to want to put on your Christmas list!  It hit the stands on Tuesday this week and is definitely one I want to add to my cookbook collection.  It promises dinners galore and is split up by categories such as Under 30 Minutes, Under 20 minutes, Take Your Time, Sheet Pan Suppers, Meatless Marvels, and more.  Want one (or three)?  Click HERE to check it out.

2.  A Bad Moms Christmas
Did you like the movie Bad Moms?  I thought it was hilarious!  As a matter of fact, I had to see it twice because there were parts where I was laughing so much I missed what they were saying.  Well, A Bad Moms Christmas opens on Wednesday so get your gal pals together and plan a girls night out to see it.  Christmas may never be the same!

3.  National Frankenstein Friday
You gotta love a holiday named for Frankenstein!  Mary Shelly created this famous fellow when she was just 21 years old.  Frankenstein was first published in 1818.  The dude was made famous by Boris Karloff in the movie Frankenstein in 1931.  Cheer to you Frankie!

National Frankenstein Friday Last Friday in October

A few weeks ago on the Friday Favorites blog, my choice for the feature was some cute little Frankenstein cookies by Growing Up Gabel.  Wouldn't making these be a fun way to celebrate!
Monster Cookies

Do you have an event coming up where you want your envelopes to look amazing?  How about those holiday cards?  This letter gadget might be the answer to make your envelopes as beautiful on the outside as what's inside.  It works on a wide range of envelopes including square, A7, A6, and 4 bar sizes.  Check it out HERE.

5.  Halloween Humor....

70 Funny Pics for Your Tuesday

Hope you have a great weekend.  I'm doing some low key stuff and am getting ready for a little trip out of town next week.  I'm behind on a ton of chores so I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend!  See you next week.

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  1. I love the zombie meme.....LOL...

  2. I'm so excited for Bad Moms Christmas! My bestie and I have plans to go as an In Between birthday celebration for the two of us! She's beginning of November and I'm end of November. :) I love those Frankenstein cookies! They are so cute!
    The Beth Next Door

  3. Hah! Love that zombie humor. So true! I didn't know it was Frankenstein day! Love it - I'm a big fan of the movie Young Frankenstein.

    I really want to see Bad Moms Christmas. I thought the first movie was hilarious, and I love the actresses in it.


  4. The Pioneer Woman usually cooks on the FoodNetwork at 6:30 am when I am at the gym and I always feel it's a cruel joke... LOL gotta check out her new book.

    I also wanna see the Bad Moms Christmas movie. The trailer looks hilarious!

  5. I think I might need that address stencil!

  6. I've heard so many good reviews about A Bad Mom's Christmas. I can't wait to see it when it comes out next month.

  7. A Bad Moms Christmas looks like my kind of movie! We ladies are always looking for things to do while our husbands study for their exams over the weekend. This may be our next ladies night!

  8. The Zombie meme has me for real LOLing :) . I used to read the Pioneer Womans Blog way back when she was just a lady on a ranch taking amazing photos and sharing family stories. Love her. And Bad Moms Christmas is on my to see list! Those ladies crack me up. The letter mate looks like another thing I need in my life. My addresses are always a mess! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I can't wait to get my hand on Ree's new cookbook! I think I'll have to have it before Christmas. My girlfriends and I loved the Bad Moms movie, too, and we're planning on catching the new movie really soon!

  10. Oh my goodness, that lettermate is so awesome! My mom writes letters all the time and she would love this!

  11. I seriously cannot wait to see A bad mom's Christmas! I love Kristen Bell, she's so freaking hilarious. And speaking of hilarity, that Halloween meme is funny, too. Hope you're having a great week Penny. :)