Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - August 3, 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Five on Friday - August 3, 2018

Sorry to see Friday come this week!  Our Cancun vacation is coming to an end and we will be headed back home today.  I did manage to pull together my five for today.  Here it is ~

1.  National Watermelon Day
Love watermelon?  If so, today's the day to slice into one of those juicy green balls and have slice to celebrate National Watermelon Day!  Fun fact - the Guinness Book of World Records has the heaviest watermelon weighing in at 262 pounds!  Now that's a lot of melon!  I love to eat my melon with a little salt on it.  What's your favorite way?

National Watermelon Day August 3
2.  The Spy Who Dumped Me
Looking forward to seeing this comedy!  Here's the summary from Movie Insider:  "The film tells the story of Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), thirty-year-old best friends from Los Angeles, who are unexpectedly thrust into an international conspiracy when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) shows up at her apartment with a team of deadly assassins on his trail. Much to their own surprise, the duo jump into action, and find themselves on the run in Europe from the assassins and a suspiciously charming British agent (Sam Heughan), as they hatch a plan to save the world."  Is it on your list of movies to see?

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3.  V-Neck Cover Up
I ordered this swimsuit cover up before we left for vacation and have been sporting it around Cancun all week.  For a $17.99 purchase, I'm pretty darn happy with it!  The fabric is light weight so it's cool to wear and dries fast when wet.  If you are in the market for a cover up, I recommend this one.  Click HERE for more info.

4.  USB Charging Station
Eric and I picked one of these up a while ago and it has made charging all our devices so much easier.  I was thinking that if you had a kiddo heading off to college, it might be a good thing to send with them.  Most dorm rooms don't have a ton of outlets, so this would really free up the plug in space.  Click HERE for more info.  While you're getting one for the kids, you might as well grab one for yourself too!

5.  Don't ask me.......

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Hope your weekend is fantastic!  We'll be headed to my home town for the annual picnic on Saturday.  My dad helps fry the best fish sandwiches in the food stand and we wait all year to have them.  We'll have lots of catching up to do on Sunday since we've been gone all week.  Pop back in next week for the recap.

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  1. I obviously have to go get some watermelon now! I hadn't heard of that movie yet but it sounds hilarious!

  2. I like watermelon, just not the cutting it up part! I've never heard of putting salt on it though; I'll have to try that! That movie has been on my radar for awhile and I can't wait to see it- it looks hysterical (plus I love those two leading ladies). Safe travels home!

  3. I just heard about that movie this week and it sounds so good! Can you believe I'm not a watermelon fan? I know, I know, what's wrong with me? I need to look into that USB charger. I just put a basket out for us to put all of our charging devices in, but that would help even more! Have a great weekend Penny!

  4. That movie sounds like something I'd love..and I have not heard of it before. That looks like a great cover-up. I have been searching for a good one for years.

  5. Omg I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!! I’ve never been to Cancun but have heard great things; hope you had a blast! and that cover-up is adorable. That’s the best thing about traveling somewhere with warmer climate; your suitcase is typically light with rompers and things :)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy that movie—it looks hilarious :)

  6. Cancun rocks - especially the open bar. It occurs to me the open bar might not be citywide. Actually, street quesadillas for $1 American were the bomb.

    I like my watermelon with a touch of vodka.