Penny's Passion: Weekending - August 24, 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Weekending - August 24, 2018

Time to start a new week!  The weekend went by so fast, as they seem to do often.  Guess that means it was a good one!

Last week was a busy work week for me and I was ready to have some fun on Friday night.  Eric met me at the hotel where the conference I had been working on took place and we walked over to Busch Stadium for a night under the stars with Cheap Trick, Def Leppard and Journey.  It had rained on and off all day, but luckily weather looked fairly good for the evening.

It was the first time we had ever sat in the floor seats for a concert at the stadium and they were awesome.  Watching concerts in outdoor venues is one of my favorite things, especially when you can sing along with every song.  And we were close enough  to actually feel the vibration from the music!  I know my ears are hating me for it, but it sure made my heart happy.

Saturday morning I woke up and prepared for a wedding consultation call I had at noon and answered a few work emails.  The wedding I'm working on is coming up in a few weeks and things are really starting to come together.

After the call, I braved the heat and mowed the yard.  Geez, it was hot!  When I was finished I cooled down in front of the TV emptying the DVR.  Please don't judge - but I'm a Bachelor in Paradise watcher.  Why?  I honestly don't know.  Are you a fan?

My parents came over on Sunday and we went to Kayla and Ian's new house. Eric's mom met us there.  I know Kayla and Ian were excited to share their new home with them and it was a great day.  Lots of great memories are going to be made there and it started with Sunday.

Their cat, Albus, is finding his new favorite places in the house too!

Sunday night was girls night and my friend Tracy was hosting.  She made pizza on the grill and it was the perfect Sunday night dinner.  It always fills my soul to sit and talk to these friends.

Tracy sent us home with a bunch of flowers and pieces of fruit to start the week.  She is the best!

Now it's time to get through this week.  We're leaving on Saturday for Italy and I've got a boat load of things to get accomplished before we step on that plane.  Better get to it!


  1. Albus is adorable!!!! I am so jealous - I would love to see Journey! Such a great time!!

  2. We were at the concert, it was awesome! I felt bad for journey though with the sound issues. I also have yet to start bip...and I love bip!