Penny's Passion: Weekending - August 10, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekending - August 10, 2018

Welcome to Monday friends!  I'm facing the day a wee bit tired from the exciting day we had yesterday.  It's going to be a busy one, but let's rewind and talk about what we've been up to the last couple days.

Friday night we were supposed to see Meet Me in St. Louis at our outdoor theater, The Muny.  Afternoon rains, chance of rain in the evening and a dinner invitation from our son and daughter-in-law changed our plans by the end of the day.  We bailed on the show and went to dinner instead.  Ian (our son) and Kayla (our daughter-in-law) just moved into their new house so we were anxious to hear where they were in their moving process.  Dinner with them definitely won over going to the theater!

Saturday we got up early and went for a long walk at a nearby park.  Eric and I have been trying to walk more and drop a few pounds.  We got a little off track when we went on vacation and we're making the effort to get back in the exercise groove.  I'll say this -- putting on weight is sure a lot more fun than trying to take it off!

After our walk and running some errands, we headed over to Ian and Kayla's for a dip in the pool and dinner.  They made a fantastic steak dinner for us!  It was such a great day hanging out with them.  Their new house is closer to us and I suspect we are going to be able to spend so much more time with them.  I'm so darn excited about that!!

Sunday was a day Eric had been looking forward to for, oh, probably two years.  Literally, two years.  We went to the 100th Annual PGA Championship!  Guys, it was a stellar day.  We woke up at 4:30 am so we could get ready and be there when the gates opened.  

Even at the early hour of 7:00 am, there was a steady stream of people flowing into Bellerive to see the top golfers do their thing.  We headed to the first tee box to hear them announce the players and watch as the first groupings headed out on the course.

The course was beautiful and St. Louis really showed the world what a wonderful golf town we are.  The galleries were loaded with enthusiastic spectators.  We had a great view of the practice tees and were able to get pretty close to the action.  

We popped in the merchandise tent and was shocked at the number of people shopping!  Of course we blended right in so we could snag our PGA swag.


It was a great experience and I feel so lucky that we got to go to the championship round.  We had no problem getting in our exercise steps for the day!

Congrats to the winner Brooks Koepka.   His score of  -16 just earned him $1.98 million.  Not too shabby!

Have a great week!  I'll be back on Wednesday for the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.  Pop in and check it out!

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  1. Wow, that is so cool. What a great time I bet you had. I usually go to the Pro-Am Day at the LPGA Tournament they have here. I can't wait until 2020 when the PGA Championship comes to Harding Park in San Francisco.

  2. I'm glad our city did well for pga representation. I heard though they could improve the parking situation.

  3. How fun you went to the PGA tournament! My dad had a chance to go when it was here in MN and it was amazing. That's awesome that Ian and Kayla live closer to you now!

  4. How fun that you got to go to the PGA Championship!