Penny's Passion: Weekending - April 3, 2020

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Weekending - April 3, 2020

Happy Monday!  Let's do a weekend rewind ~

When Eric walked in the door Friday night, he had the most wonderful surprise for me!  I think he could tell as the week went along that this staying at home was kind of getting to me.  He surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of roses.  Later in the weekend, I read this quote by Botanist Luther Burbank:  "Flowers always make people better, happier and more hopeful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul."  That definitely sums up how I felt when he handed his gift of flowers over.

We had an awesome Zoom happy hour with our friends Friday night.  I had not used Zoom at all until this whole pandemic hit and now we are using it all the time.  I had had a Zoom chat with some of my sorority sisters on Thursday night too.  Such a fan!  It's a wonderful way to connect and I love actually seeing who you're talking to!

Saturday I made some lemon cookies from a mix by Betty Crocker.  Guys - they were delicious!  They had just the right amount of lemon flavor.  Have you tried them?

Saturday afternoon we did a Zoom chat with my parents.  It was so great seeing them and I'm so thankful we have this platform to talk to each other.  We will definitely be doing more Zoom chats with them!

On Sunday, we again watched our church service online.  It will be so weird watching the Easter services this way, but we are also so thankful to have a way to hear our church's message.  If you're looking for a service to connect to, here's the links to ours ~
                  Church Online –
                  Facebook Live –
                  YouTube –

Pandemic Puzzle No. 2 was started.  The puzzle business must be on fire right now because I looked on a few sites to buy another one to have in the wings and there's not a lot of choices available.

In the afternoon, we once again turned to Zoom for connection to friends.  We played Qwixx with our friends Debbie and Larry.   This game is so fun to play and can easily be played over Zoom.  Click HERE to purchase a game for yourself.

Eric's hair was beginning to look a bit shaggy, so Sunday night he trusted me to do a little trim.  I don't know which one of us was more nervous, but the end result turned out okay.  Let's just hope this sheltering at home ends before he has to get another hair cut!

I'm ready to make this week the best week at home yet!  Are you with me?  Let's do this!  Honestly, it's taken me a while to find a stride.  This week on the blog I'll be sharing a great chicken recipe and more of our Easter decorations.  Also this week is more from Modern Mrs. Darcy and her Stay At Home Book Tour.  Here's the info to join in the fun ~
All times are Eastern time:
            Monday 4/6: Mary Laura Philpott, I Miss You When I Blink, noon
             Tuesday 4/7: Susan Meissner, The Last Year of the War, 7pm
             Wednesday 4/8: Melanie Shankle, On the Bright Side, noon
          Thursday 4/9: Deanna Raybourn, A Murderous Relation, 7pm
Friday 4/10: Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzner, How to Be Fine, noon

Pop in and check it out!


  1. Keith needs a cut but neither of us trust myself to do it, ha! Glad it turned out ok for yours. Stay safe!

  2. Lovely roses! Lucky you! I am also new to Zoom and enjoying it a lot... and I also cut my hubbie's hair for the first time. He has a lot less than Eric though, so it didn't matter if I went a bit wrong ;-) #MMBC

  3. Thankfully my husband just wanted a standard buzz cut and I could handle that OK but I was still pretty nervous. I am so thankful I have nice long hair that I can just let grow and grow until all this is over. I had heard that puzzle and sidewalk chalk are near impossible to find right now! We thankfully were just gifted 6 or 8 of them so I'll be busy for a good long while.

  4. What a lovely treat. Those roses are beautiful! Fresh flowers always cheer me up and make me feel happier too.
    My teen has been using Zoom to chat to her friends. They all love it.
    I haven't tried that lemon cookie mix before but have tried other Betty Crocker mixes and they are wonderful.
    Good job on being a hairdresser. hehehe
    It sounds like a great weekend.
    Take care & Stay safe x

  5. I gave my hubby a clipper cut, which has luckily now grown out a little. I am definitely not a hairdresser. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road