Penny's Passion: Weekending - May 1, 2020

Monday, May 4, 2020

Weekending - May 1, 2020

Hello there! We had the most gorgeous weather on Saturday and Sunday.  It was so good for the soul to be outside and feel the sun shining on your face.  But now the sun is gone for a bit.  As I type this on Monday afternoon, the rain is pitter patting on the window and I just want to curl up in bed and read a book.  And that is likely just what I'll be doing as soon as I finish this post!

You might have noticed that Facebook added an emoji last week.  You can now click "care" as one of your response feelings.   Brilliant idea.  We're all going to need to be a little more caring to get through this challenging time.

Did anyone make it by Dairy Queen over the weekend?  Do you notice their new blizzard flavor - Frosted Animal Cookie?  That soft pink color looks pretty delicious.  It's on my list of things to try.  

Sunday morning I crept out of bed bright and early to make scones for breakfast.  There's something about the smell of baking scones waffling through the house that brings me so much peace.  Eating them isn't so bad either!  I blogged about them HERE.  Give them a try - they are so scrumptious!  

Eric and I worked in our garden area and have it ready to plant.  Hopefully this week I can get the plants and herbs I want to grow this year.  Oddly enough, I have not stepped foot in a store since the middle of March.  I've been sheltering in place and taking it very seriously.  This is my third week back at work and it's an odd feeling to be out in public again.  Maybe this will be the week I'll venture out a little further and step into a retail store.  How are you feeling about being out and about?

Sunday evening we dropped Eric's car off at the shop to have some repairs made so we're sharing a ride for a few days.  Our schedules don't really line up, so it's going to be a little challenging to get through the next couple days.  I'm showing up early to work and Eric is having stay after he gets off waiting for me to pick him up.  These days we're finding out through what we're missing the things that are important to us.  This week I'm finding out how truly grateful I am that we typically have two cars!

Have a great week!  Be safe and, most importantly, be kind.  Everyone is processing this pandemic situation a little differently.  What really bothers you, may not bother the next guy and visa versa.  Let's get through this together by respecting each other and being kind!


  1. We are still on strict lockdown here, and the only places I've been is over the park with our dog for my hour's outside exercise and once I went into our local newsagent to pay for our newspaper delivery. I was the only one in the shop and I stood my 6 feet away from the till only stepping closer to tap my credit card on the payment machine. I can't imagine how it will feel to be out in public again!

  2. Other than hiking and the grocery store I haven't been anywhere either; until recently. We still have a shelter in place order in effect but I am venturing out just a bit more this week-- adding in the post office, a few curbside pick-ups, a trip to the ice cream stand, and a trip to Lowe's for some home improvement supplies. I am ready to get out of the house again.

  3. So nice to be able to go outside and work in the garden! That new Blizzard sounds really interesting! I would try it.