Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - August 28, 2020

Friday, August 28, 2020

Five on Friday - August 28, 2020

Happy Friday!  I am officially on vacation and it feels so good!  Tomorrow Eric and I will be driving to the beach for a few days and we are both so darn excited about getting out of town and relaxing.  I'm home today gathering all the stuff we will be packing and I'm giddy with excitement.  Before we head out, here's my five for today ~

1.  Pumpkin Spice Latte
Starbucks is helping to ease the sting of 2020 by bringing back their pumpkin spice latte earlier than normal.  It became available on Tuesday and will be here for a while.  If it's still a little too warm for you to enjoy a latte, don't forget that they could also blend you a refreshing frappuccino using the same flavoring.  They are also bringing back the pumpkin cream cold brew.  Looks like pumpkin season is definitely here!

Credit: Starbucks

Speaking of drinks, my August Sips by box arrived this week and it was full of delicious new teas!  One of my favorites was Apricot Sunrise by Ahmad Tea.  The delicate aroma of apricots meets your nose before the rich flavor reaches your taste buds.   So good!  Ahmad Tea is a British family business that supplies tea for the Royal Collection, including Buckingham Palace.  The Queen and I could be drinking the same tea.  Pick some up HERE.

3.  Isla Jacobson Shoes

For some time, my go-to slip-on shoes have been my silver Isla Jacobsons.  They are so comfortable!  Even when walking miles at a time on vacation, they have never let me down.  Well, they are on sale right now during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I picked up a blue pair.  I'm counting the days until they arrive on my porch!  If you're looking for a comfortable, versatile shoe look no further.  These are winners!  Click HERE to see the available colors.

When I help with a wedding, there is always a lot of gluing to be done.  My go-to adhesive is Krylon Spray Adhensive in a can, but when there's a lot of gluing to be done my finger used to get really sore.  Eric came up with this nifty trigger that hooks on the can that makes spraying a snap!  No matter what you're spraying or painting, the flow is even.  Just wave your hand and the area is covered.  This thing is a must if you are using a can!

5.  Exercising...
Okay guys - have a great weekend! I'll be coming to you next week from vacation so make sure to pop in and see what's happening.


  1. Ok first off if calories screamed as I burned them off I'd be working waay harder at that! Secondly, enjoy your vacation! I hope you have the best time at the beach.

  2. Ooh I hope you have a fantastic vacation. I could use a mini getaway right about now. haha