Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - November 6, 2020

Friday, November 6, 2020

Five on Friday - November 6, 2020

 It's Friday!  This has been a heck of a week and we all deserve a weekend.  Thanks for stopping by to start yours with my five for today ~

Thanksgiving might be looking a lot different for some of us this year.  Large gatherings are being highly discouraged so there might only be a few people around your table.  But how do you cook a Thanksgiving feast for only a few people?  This cookbook gives you your answers!  The author, Gynthia Graubart, is a James Beard Award winner so she knows her stuff.  This just might be the tastiest Thanksgiving meal you've ever had!

2.  Chocolate Peppermint Bark Stuffed Puffs
Who's ready for hot chocolate season?  The perfect addition to your hot chocolate bar is making an appearance - Chocolate Peppermint Bark Marshmallows!  Tucked inside the marshmallow is pink peppermint and a white chocolate flavor.  These are great for roasting, toasting, baking, melting and snacking!  If you don't see them at the store, they are available through Amazon (HERE).  One way or the other, I'm getting my hands on some of these!

3.  Let Him Go
Kevin Costner and Diana Lane have a movie coming out this weekend - Let Him Go.  Here's the summary from Fandango ~

Following the loss of their son, retired sheriff George Blackledge (Costner) and his wife Margaret (Lane) leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living off the grid in the Dakotas, headed by matriarch Blanche Weboy. When they discover the Weboys have no intention of letting the child go, George and Margaret are left with no choice but to fight for their family.

4.   Hanger Stacker
We are a couple weeks in having our master closet organized and one of our favorite new items is the hanger stacker.  Hangers have always been a problem for me.  They end up all turned this way and that way, laying on the floor of the closet.  Makes me crazy!  Well, in the re-org we got rid of all the wire hangers and went to the velvet-covered ones.  The extra ones stack nicely on this hanger stacker.  T

5.  Race to 270....

Hope you have a great few days ahead.  We are expecting wonderful weather here this weekend and I'm excited to enjoy it.  Eric and I got a new gas firepit for our birthdays and I'm hoping to get it set up and enjoy it.  Sunday I have a Zoom book discussion with friends from Kansas City.  Also on the agenda is finishing up some save-the-dates for a couple I'm working with.  Lots of fun stuff!  Pop in next week to read all about it!


  1. I have had the regular Stuffed Puffs and there were good. I will have to look for these chocolate peppermint ones! And that meme! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love Kevin Costner. Have you watched Yellowstone?