Penny's Passion: Weekending - June 10, 2022

Monday, June 13, 2022

Weekending - June 10, 2022

I'm here for a little weekend rewind today!  It's graduation season and this weekend we celebrated the daughter of our friends!

This young woman is truly amazing!  Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but her heart is also just as spectacular.  It's a little hard for me to believe she's graduating from high school.  I can still vividly remember visiting her in the hospital when she was just a few days old.  Watching her grow up has been a joy!

I share something very rare and unique with her momma.  Sharyn and I have been friends since the first grade. Not many people have the honor of friendship with someone for that long!  Sharyn and I met our friend Linda in the sixth grade and we've been friends ever since.  

They did a great job decorating for the party.  I loved all the special touches!

One of the coolest decorations was the balloons floating out of the pool.  They looked great at night too.

Guess where she's going to college?  She is Auburn bound in the fall.  I'm secretly hoping she joins the same sorority I was in at another university.  

Sunday morning we met up with our friends again for breakfast.  Breakfast food isn't my most favorite, so I opted for the chili cheese fries with a side of pancakes.  Yum!

Eric spent Sunday afternoon doing yard work and I spend it on the couch finishing the season of Grey's Anatomy.  

We did get our ceiling fans switched over for summer.  Did you know that during the summer months, your ceiling fan blades should be set to turn counterclockwise?  Ours are now going in the right direction. We need all the cooling help we can get this week because the temps are supposed to hit 100 degrees most days.  It's HOT!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to a great start.  I'm going to be showing you our Fourth of July mantel later this week, so be sure to pop back in!

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  1. Tell me more about the fans. We have them all over the house and I've never heard that