Penny's Passion: Weekending - January 6, 2022

Monday, January 9, 2023

Weekending - January 6, 2022

Monday came too soon!  I was on a roll getting stuff done around the house, and then I woke up this morning and realized it was back to work.  Here's how the weekend went down ~

On Friday, I popped in the car wash on my way home from work.  Does going through the car wash freak anyone else out?  I swear, it's the longest three minutes of my life while my car moves through the process of getting the dirt off.  

Friday evening Eric and I attended our small group meeting from church.  We have not been good members of this group and rarely made it to meetings last year.  It's on my resolution list to attend more of the meetings this year and be a better member.  So far, so good!  

We have a girls' weekend coming up at the end of February and I'm so excited to be hosting it at my house!  Being the planner that I am, my mind is all about the activities we will be doing and what items will be going in the goody bags.  The consensus was to attend a cooking class at Fezziwig's and we were busy making reservations on Saturday morning.  We've done classes there before and it's always so fun!

Saturday we had quite a list of errands to take care of but decided to catch a movie first.  We chose A Man Called Otto.  See it.  Bring tissues.  Tom Hanks delivered another stellar performance and so did many other cast members.  It's an endearing story that brought tears to my eyes several times.  

The errands sucked up the rest of the day, but getting several items checked off our to-do list felt good.  

I'm very happy to report that on Sunday we got all five of our Christmas trees taken down, along with other random decorations.  This might be the earliest the Christmas decorations have come down in several years.  

In the evening, our daughter-in-law joined us for dinner.  We started a new puzzle and ate amongst the jigsaw pieces.  It was a treat to be able to spend time with her!  

We called it an early night and watched a couple of the new episodes of All Creatures Great and Small.  So far, Season 3 is as good as the first two seasons!   

Hope your week is off to a great start!  See you back soon.

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  1. Hey sugar foot!! Glad to see your recommendation for something I can watch on TV. With all the many channels and programs there are out there, I can rarely find anything worth my time. I know the books that go with this series are supposed to be very good. Will give it a try.

    I would love to join a small (very small preferably) group with our church. We need a some friends!! Just a few couples to have dinner with. Maybe I will approach PC about joining a group.

    Have you read the book that A Man Called Otto is based on? PC and I read it together. LOVED it. The movie is on our agenda for the coming weekend.