Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - April 12, 2024

Friday, April 12, 2024

Five on Friday - April 12, 2024

What a week!  We kicked off the week on Monday with an eclipse party!  It was such a fun day and I'm already looking forward to the next eclipse coming through here in 2045.  

Now we're suddenly at Friday already and it's time for Five on Friday!

1.  Recycle Your Eclipse Glasses
Are you hanging on to a pair or two of those sexy eclipse glasses?  Want to put them to good use?  Recycle them!  Astronomers Without Borders is collecting them to redistribute to other parts of the world that will be experiencing an eclipse.  Click HERE for a list of collection partners that will vet and store your used glasses.  

2.  Dairy Queen New Dipped Cone Flavors
Dairy Queen is making summer even sweeter this year with their new and returning cone flavors!  You can pick from the confetti dipped cone, cherry dipped cone or the not-so-secret peanut brittle crunch cone.  All of them sound pretty delicious to me!  Which one do you want to try?

Stanley just released three new cups that, for the first time, are flanking a beautiful floral design.  They are here just in time for Mother's Day!  The quencher comes in frost, sherbet (shown below) and blue spruce.  You can pick from the 30-ounce or 40-ounce sizes too.  As of this moment, they are all available at the Stanley website but act fast if you want one because you know how quickly these things sell out!

4.  LaRoy, Texas
Laroy, Texas looks like one of those movies that is the perfect blend of silliness and suspense.  And one that both Eric and I will enjoy!  It opens today and is definitely going on my to-be-watched list.  Here's the summary ~
Broke and depressed, Ray (John Magaro) is mistaken for a dangerous hitman and given an envelope of cash. Along with his P.I. friend Skip (Steve Zahn), he must escape the actual hitman to make it out of LaRoy alive.

5.  Thought...

Have a fantastic weekend!  The weather is supposed to warm up here and I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time outside.  I also have a new project I'm working on.  My friend Debbie and I are launching a card-making endeavor.  She's a great watercolor painter!  I'm using her original painting to make cards.  Hopefully we'll have some together in time for Mother's Day.  See you back next week!


  1. Happy Friday! Penny, I need to get to Dairy Queen and check out those amazing dipped cones. I keep hearing about them, but I haven't had one yet. That Mother's Day Stanley cup is so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. Recycling the eclipse glasses is such a good idea and that Stanley cup is so pretty.