Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - August 15, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five on Friday - August 15, 2014

1.  First Day of School
Many of you are having "first day of school" happenings in your house.  When Ian, my son, would return to school, it would always be a time of mixed emotions -- happy to get back in a routine and sad because we had to get back in a routine.  :)  I always had him stand on the stairs of our house and hold up fingers representing what grade he was going in.  Worked fairly well until he was a Junior in high school and he ran out of fingers to hold up!  The gals over at How Does She have some adorable free printables for your first day of school pictures.  Enjoy!  What kind of first day of school traditions do you have in your house?

Free printable first day of school signs

2.  New Purse
I have been OBSESSED with this purse!  I saw it in the store and it took every bit of will power I had to walk away without buying it.  We have a Michael Kors outlet not far from where we live, so I thought I should at least look there before paying full price.  Tonight some friends and I are going to the outlet mall to do a little retail therapy before dinner, so keep your fingers crossed for me that they will have one and by tomorrow it will be hanging off my shoulder.

3.  Drink of the Summer
This has been my go-to drink this summer -- Crystal Light Peach-Mango tea.  It's very refreshing and tastes fabulous.  The best part is the low calories.  Anyone else tried it?  

4.  Book Bingo
I ran across this book bingo idea on Retreat by Random House's webpage and thought it would be fun to show my book club at our next gathering.  The thought is we could play the reading bingo game with books we all read outside of our book club books.  Each month when we gather we could discuss who has been able to mark off squares, what book they choice to read and how close they are to getting a bingo.  I could put together some little surprise for the bingo winners.  Sounds like fun don't you think?!?


5.  Mango (not the fruit)
Downtown Restaurant Week  is happening in St. Louis through Sunday, August 17.  Monday night me and a friend tried one of the participating locations - Mango.  So glad we did!  The deal is you get three courses for $25.  We shared each of our courses to double our tasting experience.  I'm telling you, I'm now a fan of Peruvian cuisine.  Eric and I are going to try another location (Carmines Steakhouse) on Sunday night so I'll tell you about it next week.
                                                The MangoPeru Logo
Now let's get this weekend started!  Have a great one everybody.  Hope to see you back here next week.

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  1. Oh I love that Michael Kors purse! I actually checked that one out! So cute!

  2. That MK purse is the most perfect size and style!

  3. I'm so impressed you walked away from a purse purchase. Stay strong!

  4. I adore the book bingo idea! Let me know how it goes.