Penny's Passion: Weekends Go Too Fast!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekends Go Too Fast!

Weekends always seem to go by so fast!! This was a busy one and I had so much fun - and isn't that how weekends are supposed to be?!?

Friday night me and two of my friends headed to Verizon Amphitheater see the Chicago and REO Speedwagon concert.  FUN. TIMES.  I love going to concerts where you know the words to almost every single song they play.  And OMG! the people-watching was out of this world great.  Thanks Debbie and Jane for a fun Friday night.

Yes-those are jackets we have on in the middle of August in St. Louis.  Go figure.
Saturday brought the day we were going to a surprise 85th birthday celebration for my dear friend from church.  Look at her -- she's a beautiful lady inside and out.  At age 85, she has more energy and enthusiasm for life than most people I know.  She truly is an inspiration.  Her daughter, Robin, did a fantastic job putting the party for 125 people together from thousands of miles away.  Happy birthday, Bobbi!  Hope you have many more birthdays to come.
Bobbie is wonderful at sending cards and notes for many occasions.  Getting one of her touching hand written notes always makes me feel special -- most of them are so touching they bring a tear to my eye.  Even though the invitation to her party requested no gifts, I knew I wanted to make her a few handmade cards.  Below is a sampling of the cards I made for her.  For an added touch, I love to stamp a little something on the envelope.

Sunday Eric and I took advantage of him being off work to take in a movie -- we choose The Hundred-Foot Journey.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it!  The audience laughed out loud at several of the scenes.  Helen Mirren was fabulous and I would be surprised if she doesn't get an Oscar nod this year.  Have you seen this movie yet?  What are your thoughts?

It was a great weekend.  Next weekend Eric has to work both Saturday and Sunday so I'm glad we took full advantage of him being off this weekend.  Have a great week everyone!  I'll be posting more details on how to make the note cards shown above so check back this week for the full set of instructions.

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  1. Personalized stationary is a great gift.

    I love REO Speedwagon. One of my old favorites!

  2. Those cards are adorable, great job! I love receiving a hand written note, it always feel so much more personal and special. Stopping by from B's page for the link up!